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Looks Like Someone Has a Sixpack of the Mondays

At 2-4, the Redskins have a very tough stretch of opponents ahead, making any playoff chances feel farther and farther away.

Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

1. I suppose this day was always coming. Every team wakes up one Monday during the campaign, looks in the mirror and sees very clearly what they are staring at in the reflection. When I look at this 2-4 team, I still see something very much different from last year's team...but the distinction is getting harder to make. At some point, dissecting losses starts to feel the same as, you know, dissecting losses. The injuries sustained by the burgundy and gold are absolutely a reason for the difficulties faced against the Jets, but not an excuse for the loss. At halftime, we were in control of that game, despite those injuries. When things went south in the third quarter, they went DIRECTLY south in a hurry. This was even more more shocking given the kinds of plays the Redskins made in the first half. Bashaud Breeland seemed to be single-handedly holding the Jets offense in check. Our tackling was strong and green jerseys were not finding a lot of open space. It was fun while it lasted.

2. The NFC East is very much up for grabs, but the path to the division title just became extremely difficult for the Redskins. Aside from the nightmarishly scary game this week against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (more on that next), we draw the New England Patriots right after a bye week. Typically, a bye week is a good opportunity to rest and get a jump on an opponent, but the only one jumping Tom Brady these days is a Brazilian supermodel. Washington could very likely find themselves with a mountain to climb just to get back to .500 ball. As large as the New England game looms, we follow that with New Orleans and Carolina. Those two teams look to be finding a bit of a groove. This is the part where I suggest that it ain't over yet, but it is not looking too crack-a-lackin'.

3. Historically, these games against teams like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have been our kryptonite. They are 2-3, with a win over New Orleans that is looking a little better these days. They had a bye this week, giving them plenty of time to prepare to face us, which means they likely will throw it to their huge receivers every single down. We have a history of providing rookie quarterbacks with Hall of Fame highlight videos. I don't think Jameis Winston is that great personally, but he will be ready for us. On top of dealing with our injuries, trying to stop a physical rookie quarterback and even out our performance over 60 minutes, this game is likely a playoff game for the Washington Redskins. A loss to Tampa Bay would put the Redskins in a hole out of which even a very good team would have difficulty digging.

4. Let's give it up for Bashaud Breeland. When I think of the game against the Jets, I see Bashaud. I see the interception. I see the tackles. I see the fumble recovery. I don't see anything past the first half.

5. I hate that we are about to be in the midst of this conversation, but let's all be very clear what the conversation is: if you vote to bench Kirk Cousins, you are voting to start Colt McCoy. I am not voting to bench Kirk Cousins. I am voting to give him him 16 games to see what happens. Good news everyone! There is a lot of meat on that bone! Lots of room to go up! Oh man...I just want to make sure nobody actually thinks there is any other quarterback coming onto the field for this team besides Colt. And to those who would say this is me smack-talking any other quarterbacks on our roster, it is absolutely not. I just don't believe the Redskins will consider any other option at this point.

6. The experience of watching a Redskins game has become pretty tough over the years. Not to sound overly dramatic, but you all know exactly what I am talking about. You all send the same texts to your friends that I send to mine. I think I have gotten "I am sick and tired of this shit" a record amount of times from people who aren't my wife and aren't talking about my inability to pick up after myself. We aren't the only team in the league struggling with losses, but year after year we seem to be finding ourselves in the same spots in games. The Redskins don't get blown out regularly (I think yesterday kind of counts). Instead, we stay in games long enough to provide a glimmer of hope just before squashing that glimmer like a bug on a windshield. I legitimately thought we could and would win that game yesterday. I thought the same thing against Miami and Atlanta. Watching an opponent return a pick six or a punt against us is nothing other fans don't have to endure, but it just always feels like the Redskins give up those plays at the worst possible times, and in the most gut-wrenching fashion. I am sure that is just because we are closer to this team that we feel this way...but once again, we have a 2-4 team on our hands with a murderous stretch of opponents coming up and a world of pandemonium waiting for us if and when this thing spirals out of control. I suppose if I am being honest, I do hold out hope for a win this week and a 3-4 record at the bye. I believe that if we can get a few players back, this team is capable of shocking both the Saints and Panthers. The reality is that this season is not out of reach yet. It just feels that way because that is what we are used to at this point of a season.