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Rodney Harrison: RGIII is a "Flat-Out Jerk"

Rodney Harrison took some shots at our old friend Robert Griffin III during a recent radio appearance.

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Former All-Pro safety and current NBC studio analyst Rodney Harrison had some unflattering things to say about deposed Washington Redskin quarterback Robert Griffin III this week.

It's been a very quiet month for Griffin, who was demoted to third string before the year began and hasn't even been active for any game thus far.  Still, Harrison drudged up some familiar arguments during a recent radio appearance.

When asked about the arguably different levels of scrutiny applied to Griffin's mixed performances in the past, and Kirk Cousins' similar showings this season, Harrison attributed the phenomenon to the different personalities of the two players.  Contrasting Griffin's demeanor with that of Kirk Cousins, Harrison said that Griffin "was a jerk.  He was a flat-out jerk," while Cousins was much more businesslike and professional in his approach.

Harrison elaborated a bit, saying that Griffin, unlike someone such as Josh McCown in Cleveland, hadn't "work[ed] hard, tr[ied] to do the right thing, and stay[ed] humble."

As a reminder, Harrison was voted the "Dirtiest Player in the NFL" in a poll of players conducted by Sports Illustrated in 2004.  He was voted Dirtiest Player again in another player poll two years later.  Two years after that, he was once again voted Dirtiest Player, this time in an ESPN poll of NFL coaches that was a landslide "victory" for Harrison.

Harrison is also one of a tiny handful of players in NFL history to be suspended for both on-field conduct and for violation of the NFL's PED policy: Harrison received a one-game ban for a helmet-to-helmet hit on Jerry Rice in 2002—during an era when you practically had to bring a weapon onto the field to get suspended for an on-field incident—as well as a four-game ban for HGH usage in 2007.  Harrison was also fined numerous times, accumulating more than $200,000 in fines over the course of his NFL career.

But, hey, that jerk RGIII said that he had to go out and prove that he's the best quarterback in the league that one time.

What a jerk!