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Sunday Slop: Game day: Redskins vs Falcons

A look at the top Redskins stories of the day!

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What will the Redskins do with 4 starters out? | CSN Washington

Need to know: Will Thompson remain in the mix for the Redskins | CSN Washington

Chris Thompson is definitely in the plans to get touches on a regular basis. He's not going to get 20 carries a game, or even 15. But they would like to get him three to five carries per game and target him four or five times in the passing game. Thompson could perhaps earn a few more touches if he does well but as long as Matt Jones and Alfred Morris are playing well it will be hard to get many more touches for Thompson.

Need to  know: As always rushing game will be key for the Redskins | CSN Washington

The Falcons will be without leading tackler Justin Durant, who is out with an elbow injury. That should help the Redskins run the ball against a team that is 27th in the NFL allowing 4.4 yards per rushing attempt. Healthy or not, Jones can't hurt them if he's on the sideline.

Third down success on offense and defense fuels Redskins | Breaking Burgundy

That's exactly what you want to do. That's how you win football games. You win games by controlling the ball and denying your opponent opportunities. If you convert on third downs 45% or more of the time, you give yourself a chance.

Redskins vs Falcons: Game Day Notes | Washington Post Redskins Blog

Washington owns a 15-8-1 record against the Falcons, with one of those wins coming in the postseason. Washington last won in Atlanta on Sept. 14, 2003, by a score of 33-31. However, that was Washington's last win of the series.

Redskins vs Falcons: Key match-ups to watch | Washington Post Redskins Blog

The Falcons have flip-flopped their talented rookie pass-rusher from the right to left edge, so he'll have a fair share of battles with both Williams and Moses. The Falcons rank 28th in the league in sacks with just five through four games. However, Beasley has two of those five. Washington, meanwhile, has done a good job of protecting quarterback Kirk Cousins, surrendering only five sacks all season. They'll look to continue that success this week.