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Redskins Vs. Eagles Postponed? Bye Week Switch Likely if Joaquin Bears Down

To play or not to play...that is the question the NFL is pondering regarding the Redskins/Eagles game this Sunday.

Greg Fiume/Getty Images

We'll keep you updated until the decision comes out, but the NFL is likely to decide before Saturday whether or not to proceed with the Sunday tilt between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Washington Redskins.

Saturday would be the travel day for the Eagles, so the NFL would want to have that decision in place before they make that move. Both teams have a Week 8 bye, so the NFL has kind of an easy out if they choose to go that route.

I was a little bit fearful that the NFL would try and play the game in front of no fans--not because I had heard or read anywhere that they would. Redskins games cause so much headache on such a key piece of highway--I-95 and the DC beltway--that removing fans from the equation might have been a possible solution. We all know that this would be a last resort kind of move, and it would strike many as odd that the league would put players in danger if they felt fans were in danger.

I am not sure how I feel about the game moving at this point, even as I see the forecast softening a bit. This game really means a ton to our season, but not just because it is a divisional opponent. Its the timing. At 1-2, we have no idea how good we could actually be. We only have a pretty good sense of how bad we can be, and I don't mean that sarcastically or offensively. I just think we all kind of know what "bad" looks like and we are confident in our abilities there.

Anyone who has shared time with me in the FedEx lot knows how much I love tailgating in inclement weather. It would be a shame to miss that kind of tailgate, but as I told my crew, "Videos of drunk white guys getting pounded by a hurricane in a parking lot are what people use to prove Darwin's theories."

That said, I was/am ready to dance with Joaquin.