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Scot McCloughan Presser 1/9/15: Questions about his Past, and the Redskins Future

The introductory presser that Redskins fans have been waiting for for since 1999. The Redskins finally have a GM

Full Transcript

Bruce Allen introduction:

Introducing himself:

Winning process:

Dan Snyder:

Bruce Allen:

Jay Gruden:

Hiring process:

His scouting service:

His style:

The current roster:

Current Redskins personnel department:

His past issues:

His player types:

Evaluating Griffin and Cousins in college:

Relationship with coaches:

Draft depth:

Offensive linemen:

Hiring a new Defensive Coordinator:

Redskins roster vs 49ers roster when he took over:

Draft vs free agency:

Getting started right away:

"Cool as crud":

Losing causes turmoil:

AJ Smith going elsewhere:

Returning to the NFL:

Scouting process:

Rooney Rule requirements:

Interest from other teams:

His scouting setup:

McCloughan says his basic college scouting staff is 6-7 area guys with a supervisor over the top.

— Chris Russell (@Russellmania980) January 9, 2015

Running QB vs Passing QB:

Roster control: