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Report: Redskins Finalize Deal to Make Scot McCloughan New GM

The Redskins finally hire a personnel man to be the team's GM

The news that everyone has been waiting for is finally here!  Adam Schefter is reporting that Scot McCloughan has finalized his deal with the Washington Redskins to become the team's new general manager.  Bruce Allen will remain with the team as the Team President, a role that he was elevated to last year.  Allen also served as the team's general manager for the last 5 years.

McCloughan's hiring has been widely celebrated among Redskins fans, and NFL analysts have expressed everything from congratulations to shock and disbelief to wondering how the Redskins can mess this one up.  McCloughan was considered the top personnel man who was not under contract with an NFL team.  McCloughan was instrumental in building the Seahawks last two Super Bowl teams, and also in acquiring talent for the 49ers before Jim Harbaugh took over as head coach and made them annual contenders.

The details of the deal have not been released, but it was reported to be a 4 year deal yesterday.  Albert Breer reports that McCloughan will have control of the team's roster and that is a very good thing for the team.  He will report directly to President Bruce Allen.  McCloughan's struggles with alcohol have been extensively coveredand discussed and it is the major red flag that should concern people.  But this move had to be made by a team that has been devoid of talent in the personnel and scouting departments.  He is not a savior, but it is a move in the right for a direction for an organization that consistently goes in the wrong direction.