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Washington Redskins Among Teams Who Can Be Forced To Appear On Hard Knocks

The Redskins are one of a select bunch of teams that can be made to appear on Hard Knocks this year.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

I am not sure what to think about all of this. Reportedly, the teams that can be made to appear on Hard Knocks this year are: Cleveland, Houston, Jacksonville, Minnesota, New York Giants, St. Louis, Tampa Bay, Tennessee and OUR Washington Redskins.

There are a few different ways to think about this...per person. The first thing that pops into my mind is, "Oh everyone is going to know what we know." The world already kind of has an idea of why this franchise is so backwards, but to bring cameras in and document it would be torturous (to me at least).

Looking at the other possibilities, it would appear that we aren't the juiciest grape in the bunch, and that is just stark honesty. National interest in the Washington Redskins has to be at an all-time low. Still, I have to think we have more to offer the television-viewing public than Jacksonville, right? How much airtime can you give Shahid Khan's mustache? Isn't everyone tired of Johnny Football? Minnesota, while sporting yet another owner with a great mustache, is still...well, Minnesota. Tampa Bay and Tennessee would make for the kind of television that would be perfect for curing insomnia.

Houston, on the other hand, has J.J. Watt. I believe they refer to that as, "Gold, Jerry! Gold!!" St. Louis has not only a head coach with a great mustache, they have a smorgasbord of young talent and a compelling story at quarterback, with Sam Bradford making yet another comeback. The New York Giants are in New York.

I would say that St. Louis would be my first choice if I was in charge of the choice. I would probably watch just about anything Jeff Fisher was involved in, even after his shenanigans at FedEx recently. J.J. Watt would be second, and the New York Giants would be fourth...behind the Redskins.

There is just something the American people find enticing about a raging dumpster fire. Dan Snyder should be praying for them to pass him by. Can you imagine what this fanbase would turn this show into? If you thought Signgate was bad back when they turned away fans from the gates at FedEx for signs and t-shirts they were wearing, imagine what will happen when the cameras show up in Richmond? You may not know this, but a lot of residents in Richmond have gone a bit sour on the deal with the Redskins. I know because I met them when I went down there last summer. My guess is that they will show up with something to say.

Is there any other kind of...I don't know...internationally known disaster involving the name of this team? You know...something where a bunch of people will gladly mobilize to draw attention to their cause? Hmmm....a divisive issue where huge groups of people race to get in front of cameras to promote their side of the issue...I'll think of it at some point.

What about all the jilted fans who are sick of the way this team has been run? You think there won't be some signage? You think people won't race for the opportunity to shame Snyder and Allen on national (cable) television?

EDITOR'S NOTE: We just found out that Scott McCloughan has been hired.

In summary, my first choice is the Redskins! Now the world can witness a team run by a professional who has some serious nads when it comes evaluating talent. Let the regional orgasm begin!