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The District Radio Show: Shameless Self-Promotion

This post is not (necessarily) endorsed by anyone. Anywhere. At anytime. Unless Red Stag wants to endorse us. I like Red Stag.

Warning: Prepare yourself for some shameless self-promotion. You may have noticed that every Thursday, around 7PM, we post a thread for our new radio show, The District, here on Hogs Haven. If you haven't then you need to pay more attention to this site! Keep that time slot open for the foreseeable future. The show streams live here and on Chris LeSage, Mike Harar, Robert Henson, and I will be tackling a wide variety of topics. Subjects from DeflateGate to how Red Stag is like the Kool-Aid of liquors are all fair game. We go beyond the Redskins to the other DC teams (whatever their names are). We may take callers. We may not. We may check the Twitter feed. Rumor has it that there is a chat feature on the website. Get in on the ground floor! You'll be able to say "I heard them when they were nobodies"! And if doing a weekly show wasn't enough of a challenge, we will occasionally challenge each other. We keep it interesting, like the times we try to work movie quotes into our arguments. We keep it family friendly so the kids can listen.  We keep it DC based because we support more than just the Redskins. It's like listening to your family argue about sports without the heartburn, bruises, and apologies afterwards. If you don't listen, I'll have Ken Meringolo call your house and talk about his fantasy football team.

Editor's Note: This is Ken, and these guys do a great job. As the anchor show for all programming, The District does a great job touching on all the different themes that stretch across and connect all the DC teams. Nothing is more important to the average DC sports fan than the Redskins, but this show succeeds at incorporating just enough of the other teams to truly rep sports fan in this region.