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Washington Redskins Draft Profiles: Landon Collins, SS

Hogs Haven takes a look at NFL prospects heading into the 2015 draft

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Landon Collins

Strong Safety

Height: 6' 0", Weight: 222 lbs


Strengths: Landon Collins is built for this position. He can change direction easily and is a great tackler. He'll be aggressive during a tackle, not only taking the ball carrier down, but attacking the ball, too. He's stronger in the run game, but his pass game is improving. He has good awareness of the field and can line up in man or zone coverage. In his three years with the Crimson Tide, Collins racked up 173 tackles; 113 of which were solo. He also had five interceptions and forced three fumbles.

Weaknesses: His pass game is his weak point. He has been inconsistent in his coverage. This has occasionally resulted in some big pass plays for the opposing offense. He doesn't have the best hands. He's dropped some easy interceptions in his career. He is also not the fastest safety in the draft.

Bottom Line: Landon Collins is a pick with tons of natural talent and a very high ceiling. He is fluid in the field and plays aggressively. Landon comes from a program that's known more for defense than offense. He is a college playmaker who likes to hit people and should be able to transition to an NFL playmaker.

Projected Round: 1

Team He Fits Best On: Redskins, Giants, Falcons