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Hating with....Mike(or Ken)?

After several years of abuse suffered at the hands of the Seattle Seahawks, where do you, as Redskins fans, rank them on your hate scale?

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

On last night's electric episode of The District, Ken Meringolo and I got into an all out brawl and nasty disagreement (or maybe just a little spat) over where to rank the Seattle Seahawks on a Redskins fan's Scale of Hate.

Of course, we hate all of the teams in the NFC East who aren't wearing burgundy and gold.  And, of course, the Dallas Cowboys wear the crown of most-hated team in the division, and of all time.  But after that is where opinions start to differ.

After witnessing my Redskins suffer bitter losses to Seattle, having to watch them triumphantly emerge as a Super Bowl winner last year, and seeing their success this year, the Seahawks have bumped the New York Giants and Philadelphia Eagles to become my second most hated team, behind said Cowgirls.

Ken disagreed with me, calling me crazy, among other names that I choose not to relay here.  He believes all of the other NFC East teams should be hated more than the Seahawks.

After our debate, which ended in a draw (I won), it got me thinking that I should take this question to other Redskin fans.  So, that's what I'm doing.

What say you?