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Did Vic Fangio Pass on the Redskins Because of Raheem Morris?

The Tampa Bay connections are real...

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Ed Donatell was officially hired today by the Chicago Bears, joining his former Defensive Coordinator Vic Fangio there. Fangio was interviewed for the Redskins DC job this weekend after he left an interview in Chicago. He spent Saturday night at dinner with Redskins brass, and then had a more formal interview on Sunday at Redskins Park. Jay Gruden said yesterday that the team did not formally offer Fangio a contract/job, and it seemed like Fangio was set on going to Chicago. Fangio did end up going to Chicago and shortly after that news broke, the news of the Redskins Plan(B)arry leaked.

Joe Barry was the first candidate interviewed for the job, and the only one Jay Gruden offered the job to.  The former San Diego Chargers LB coach was also the former LB coach back in the glory days of Tampa Bay where Bruce Allen, Sean McVay, Jay Gruden, and Raheem Morris all worked.  Morris gave Joe Barry a job with the Buccaneers again after he was fired as the Detroit Lions Defensive Coordinator. Raheem Morris has always had friends in the Redskins organization and is reportedly liked by the players, but is that enough reason to pass on the Redskins top candidate for DC?  Vic Fangio reportedly planned on bringing ED Donatell to whichever team he signed with to be his DBs coach.  Bears ESPN Reporter Michael C. Wright is reporting that the Redskins wanted to keep Raheem Morris in that position, and this is not going to sit well with fans if it can ever truly be confirmed.

For now it is just one reporter relaying what he heard during the hiring process.

[UPDATE: 10:50 pm 1/21/15] Redskins sources are denying DC candidates were required to keep Raheem Morris

My Bears colleague, Michael Wright, tweeted Wednesday night that Vic Fangio was told by the Redskins they were keeping Raheem Morris as secondary coach, which might have factored into his decision to accept a similar position in Chicago. Fangio wanted to bring Ed Donatell with him as secondary coach. But a source close to Fangio said it wasn't true that the Redskins told this to him. Keep in mind, too, that the Redskins interviewed Donatell for the head coaching job. Donatell, Fangio and Jay Gruden also share an agent. Morris might return, but, again, even Wednesday there was doubt among some in the organization about him coming back. That's far from definitive, but it's a discussion among some assistants.