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Poll Dancing, Redskins-style

With the Nationals paying Max Scherzer a kajillion dollars, we have to ask: Is this the baseball version of the Albert Haynesworth deal?

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

We will be spending the next few weeks and months absolutely obliterating each other over the draft, free agency and whether or not Jay Gruden can pull off skinny jeans. I figured today was a good day to live on the fringes a little bit by asking if the Max Scherzer deal (25 years, $17 trillion) smacks at all of the Haynesworth signing just a handful of years ago in Redskins Park.

(I know the Scherzer deal was for less than $17 trillion, but at some point, it might as well be in the trillions.)

I know not every Redskins fan is a Washington Nationals fan, but in Washington, big signings make big headlines. If there are fans who know about big free agent signings and the big headlines that they make, it is the fan base here in Washington.

Please feel free to wax philosophic on the matter in the comments section below. There are so many factors involved, not the least of which are the lack of a hard cap, the failure of Scherzer to be as terrible a person as Haynesworth seemed to be and the relatively clean record that the front office at Nationals Park have built.

Put simply, is this deal better, worse or the same as the deal that brought in Fat Albert?

Discuss amongst yourselves.