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Jay Gruden Discusses the Joe Barry Hire, Keeping the 3-4 Defense, and Trying for Vic Fangio

Jay Gruden briefly discusses the Joe Barry hire and what to expect from the defense next season.

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Moving on from Jim Haslett:

"We both came to the conclusion that it was best that we move on and part ways and go in a different direction," Gruden said, addressing Haslett's departure for the first time since Dec. 31. "That's it. Nothing against Haz. He had a good run here, five years, and we just had to go a different way."

Why Gruden Chose Joe Barry:

"He brings energy. Commitment to being great," Gruden said after watching the North Team hold its first practice of Senior Bowl week at Ladd Peebles Stadium. "I like what he's done in his career - how he's progressed as a football coach: going to USC and now he's in the 3-4 system with San Diego. Really have a great appreciation for what they've done in San Diego. They get the most out of their players, have a good scheme. Know that going against them. I know what kind of guy he is and what kind of energy he's going to bring to the team."

"It was a long interview. You know, I had him from eight in the morning until three or four in the afternoon, just talking ball and scheme and how to develop players and coverages," Gruden said. "It was the whole package of what he brought to the table - just a total understanding of not just the front end, but the back end. You know, some guys are better at the back end and not so versed at the front end, and some are better in the front end and not so versed in the back end. I think his total understanding of the conceptual sight of the entire defense sold me on him, as far as Xs and Os. Every candidate is very versed on the Xs and Os, but it's more than that with me. It's how you're gonna get the most out of David Amerson and Chris Baker and Keenan Robinson and those guys, and I think he's a great fit for those guys."

Barry as the DC for the 0-16 Detroit Lions:

Type of defense to expect from Barry:

Trying to hire Vic Fangio:

"We talked to Vic and we knew he had a lot of offers on the table,"

Gruden said. "We just wanted to get him in and see what he was all about so he could see our situation, and he chose to go to Chicago. As far as the offer is concerned, we knew it was kind of a long shot him coming anyway. But we just wanted, because obviously he’s a great candidate and great football coach, it would’ve been stupid for us not to reach out and try to get him. But he chose Chicago, and good for him."

Gruden further elaborated: "We only offered, really, to Joe. Vic was kind of more of a meeting and see what kind of availability he had. He didn’t really say he was available. I think he had the decision made up in his mind. I thought it was important to get him down to D.C. and check it out see if there was a chance we would want him or if he would come here and it didn’t work out."

Raheem Morris and other Defensive Assistants:

Gruden said that the status of the holdover assistants – secondary coach Raheem Morris, linebackers coaches Brian Baker and Kirk Olivadotti and defensive line coach Jacob Burney – remain uncertain. He and Barry will discuss their futures next week once they return from the Senior Bowl, Gruden said.