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Looks Like Someone Has a Sixpack of the Mondays

Manually deflated balls to blame for Andrew Luck's impotence on Sunday?

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

1. Holy crap...even two days later, I can't believe that Seattle won that game. I just keep thinking back to one of those final drives by Green Bay, where the camera angle was clearly showing Richard Sherman holding one arm close to his body. Now, I'm not saying Aaron Rodgers lost that game, or even that they made poor play-calling choices. They played the high percentage (VERY high percentage) shot and the Seahawks defied those percentages. Still, you even heard Troy Aikman say that if--IF--Mike McCarthy was going to throw the ball at the end on third down, he would be looking for a high percentage throw. In my mind, that could have meant challenging the one-armed Sherman. The best way to ice a game is to kneel it out. In order to get there, you have to have the ball. With Jordy Nelson lined up across from a guy who was in severe pain and at least looked like he had limited use of his left arm, I thought that A-A-Ron could have taken a shot to keep the drive alive and further dampen Seattle ='s chances. (No weather pun intended.)

2. If I was the head coach, I would have probably done exactly what the Green Bay Packers did, for what it's worth.

3. That game got me thinking: when was the last time the Redskins stole a victory from the jaws of defeat like that? My brain automatically lands on the Dallas game at FedEx where Sean Taylor returned the blocked kick and Nick Novak kicked a field goal with no time on the clock to win. What other ones can you think of?

4. On the other side of the coin, the Green Bay Packers are in need of therapy. The fanbase in Wisconsin has got to be reeling. If I was a fan of the Packers, and Morgan Burnett had just intercepted Russell Wilson with five minutes to go in the game, and we were up by two touchdowns (12 points), I would be making Super Bowl party plans. To think that five minutes later (of regulation game clock), I would be watching an overtime scenario is enough to cause irreparable clenching.

5. I was trying to find someone to blame on the Green Bay Packers sideline, but I just kept coming up short. I am sure the locals will produce a lengthy list of candidates, but I think I finally figured out the REAL culprit. I really should have thought of him sooner, because it was so obvious. DERRICK FROST!!!! You and I both know him as the Hall of Fame practice punter for the Washington Redskins from 2005-2007, and the husband of an incredibly hot wife that Kevin hit on at FedEx Field (true story). It turns out that in 2008, Green Bay head honcho Ted Thompson decided to cut a young punter named Jon Ryan in favor of the veteran Derrick Frost. This of course set in motion a string of events that ultimately led to Jon Ryan completing an improbable touchdown pass to an unknown backup tackle against the Packers in the NFC Championship. Derrick Frost, you ol' there no end to the trail of destruction you left in your playing days?

6. As for the Patriots game, what can I say? At least the Colts were put down decisively. At least they did not suffer the way the Packers did. In some places, you have to pay extra for manually deflated balls, so you know, they got that going for them. I know Tom Brady's greatness has been deemed a national treasure and forced upon us colonoscopy style, but six national championship game wins is impressive. I still don't know if I can bet against Seattle after what just happened, but the Patriots aren't likely to get blown out. If the Super Bowl is close at the end, which it says here is exactly what will happen, buckle up because it's going to be a crazy finish. First Super Bowl prediction: Seattle 27, New England 26.