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Report: A.J. Smith Will Be Offered Enhanced Role with Redskins

John Clayton is reporting A.J. Smith's role with the Redskins will increase.

Donald Miralle/Getty Images

ESPN's John Clayton is reporting that the Redskins will be offering A.J. Smith an expanded role in the organization. Does this mean Smith will take over the General Manager position that Bruce Allen currently holds?  Not according to Clayton, who has sources telling him Allen will remain the Team President/GM.  Smith will be asked to move to the area, and will be more involved in the football decisions.  His current position is listed as Senior Executive, and Clayton says Smith's current deal is over at the end of the month.

The article also mentioned interest Smith has recently received from other teams as a GM.  If Jon Gruden had accepted the Head Coaching position with the Raiders, Smith would reportedly have been his choice for GM.  Clayton is also reporting that if Bill Polian had accepted a position with the Buffalo Bills, Smith would have been brought in.  Gruden signed an extension with ESPN to continue hosting Monday Night Football, and Polian announced he was staying with ESPN after Bills coach Doug Marrone opted out of his contract.  That leaves Smith in Washington to continue in a largely undefined role.  The common thought is that Smith advises on the draft, but the amount of influence he has had, and the power structure in Ashburn is always in question.

A.J. Smith, the former general manager of the San Diego Chargers, is expected to be offered an enhanced position in the Washington Redskins front office, a source said.

Smith currently is working as a senior executive for the Redskins.

While Bruce Allen is expected to remain the president and general manager of the team, Smith is going to ask to move to Washington, D.C., and be more involved with football decisions.