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[UPDATED] Fangio Watch: Day 1 Wine and Dine. Day 2 Interview and Contract?

Vic Fangio will spend a second day in the Washington area, and Dan Snyder will spend a lot of money to keep him here.

Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Yesterday was a little stressful in Redskins Nation with word coming that Vic Fangio would be meeting with John Fox and the Chicago Bears before coming to town to interview with the Redskins.  Dan Snyder does not play around once he has a coach or player that he covets in the building, and getting him here was the first step.  Fangio likely had this meeting with the Bears planned, and the news of it only leaked out in the last two days.  The original story about Fangio meeting with the Redskins said Saturday would likely be the earliest day, and that's exactly what happened.

ESPN's John Keim is reporting that the plan was always for Redskins brass to have dinner with Fangio on Saturday night, then move to the formal interview and hard sell the following day.  The Redskins have serious interest in bringing in Fangio to replace Jim Haslett..  Fangio has had top-10 defenses in both points and yards over his last 4 years as the San Francisco 49ers Defensive Coordinator.  That's just a little different from the defenses the Redsins are usually putting on the field.  There is one glaring difference, and that is the level of talent and the use of resources towards the defense.  If Fangio is hired, new GM Scot McCloughan will have to provide better players on defense to work with.

But that's all down the road, the first step is getting him to sign a contract, then they can begin scouting players and rebuilding the defense.

[UPDATE #1: 11:51 am 1/18/15] Fangio is meeting with Gruden, scheduled to leave later today. Other teams interested.

[UPDATE #2: 3:52 pm 1/18/15] No decision from Fangio expected today. Other teams interested.

[UPDATE #3: 4:27 pm 1/18/15] As of now, Fangio has no other interviews scheduled