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Saturday Slop: Scot McCloughan Says All the Right Things About the Draft and Roster Building

A collection of the top Redskins stories from around the web

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McCloughan says it's too early for him to judge Redskins' roster | Comcast SportsNet Washington
Redskins general manager Scot McCloughan will take his time in evaluating the Redskins’ roster that he will now be in charge of following seasons of 3-13 and 4-12. He was asked what he thought of the players the team currently has under contract during his introductory news conference less than a day after he signed his contract with the team.

Scot McCloughan: Redskins won't give up on RGIII -
McCloughan acknowledged a need to do more homework on Griffin, but added that he was "very impressed" with the Baylor star's deep-ball accuracy and athleticism coming out of college. "I think (the 2015) season is going to tell a lot," McCloughan said. "We'll see what happens heading up to the draft and all that stuff, but I don't think you ever give up on a young quarterback that ... took you to the playoffs as a rookie. I really don't think you do that.

How the Redskins Struck Their Deal With New GM Scot McCloughan « CBS DC
Scot McCloughan looked relaxed as he munched on a slice of pizza during an informal chat with local reporters on Friday. Brought on board this week by team president Bruce Allen and owner Dan Snyder to finally put a player development system in place as Washington’s new general manager, McLoughan knows what that takes.

Redskins' new GM: 'Draft is lifeline of an organization' -
McCloughan has been responsible for some fantastic drafts with the San Francisco 49ers and Seattle Seahawks that helped propel each franchise deep into the playoffs. If he brings that sort of draft haul to Washington, perhaps we will no longer talk about the Redskins being big winners in March and instead winners in January.

Scot McCloughan: After season away, new Redskins general manager 'realized it's time' - Washington Times
"I just had to make sure it was right for myself, for my children," McCloughan said. "That was first and foremost for me. I didn’t want to jump back into something that I wasn’t ready for. I went through my process, I went through my scouting service and realized it’s time." Eight and a half months after parting ways with the Seahawks to tend to a personal matter, McCloughan’s wishes were granted. Hired by the Washington Redskins on Thursday as their next general manager, McCloughan was introduced in that role on Friday, when he held a 45-minute press conference at Redskins Park.

For Redskins' McCloughan, it's all about that tape | Comcast SportsNet Washington
"I think game tape is the DNA," said McCloughan, a noted talent evaluator who was named general manager of the Redskins this week. "That’s it. You don’t play in t-shirts and shorts. All these kids nowadays get speed trainers and nutritionists prior to the combine and I don’t blame them. If it gets them more money, it gets them more money."

Washington Redskins mailbag, part 1 - ESPN

It's a two-person show in Part 1 of the Redskins Mailbag: Scot McCloughan (his role in the defensive coordinator search and his drafts) and Jay Gruden (building pressure and taking on too much). Enjoy.

McCloughan on the life of a NFL scout | Comcast SportsNet Washington
The life of NFL scouts is far from glamourous and tough on the personal life, but Scot McCloughan managed to make it work and it turned him into one of the best personnel men in the NFL. Now that he is the Redskins general manager, he recalls what life was like on the road.

McCloughan's promise: A 'better' 2015 Redskins roster | Comcast SportsNet Washington
From the sounds of it, McCloughan’s focus in the coming weeks and months won’t be rearranging the front office (that figures to happen later this spring) or picking the Redskins’ new defensive coordinator (that responsibility belongs to Head Coach Jay Gruden, he said). Instead, McCloughan’s focus will be evaluating the Redskins’ entire roster, from Robert Griffin III to backup safety Akeem Davis.

Need to Know: Don’t look for immediate changes to Redskins personnel staff | Rich Tandler's Real Redskins
The reason is that the scouting season does not run on the same calendar as the playing season. The area scouts spent the fall on the road watching games and visiting campuses to get the lowdown on prospects. They’re now breaking down film and writing up reports. The Senior Bowl and other all-star games, the NFL Combine, and pro days on deck in the coming few months before the actual draft. To replace a scout or someone like Scott Campbell, who heads up the college scouting, right now would be extremely disruptive. Precious weeks would be wasted while getting the new guy up to speed on the prospects and traits that the organization is looking for.

Will some 49ers be headed to the Redskins? | Rich Tandler's Real Redskins
With new general manager Scot McCloughan now in place, will the Redskins transform into San Francisco East? McCloughan picked a lot of the players who are currently on the 49ers roster when he was VP of player personnel and then GM of the organization from 2005-2008. With some of those players likely to be available as free agents this March, will McCloughan try to bring some of them to his new team?

Washington Redskins general manager Scot McCloughan ready to move on from past issues - ESPN
His past led others to want him, yet also scared others into wondering what they'd get. It's what Scot McCloughan knows he must face: He helped build a strong roster in San Francisco and had a say in Seattle's. He also recently admitted to having had drinking issues while holding both jobs.

Scot McCloughan says don't give up on Robert Griffin III - Washington Redskins Blog - ESPN
Washington Redskins general manager Scot McCloughan was reluctant to provide a firm analysis of quarterback Robert Griffin III. But he also made it clear it’s too early to part ways with the former rookie of the year.

What I Like About Scot McCloughan Hiring - Fanspeak Washington Redskins Blog
The draft will actually be a part of this organization. Shanny tried to use the draft unlike Gibbs, Cerrato, Zorn, Snyder but the Griffin trade crushed him.  Whoever you think was behind that.  But we know McCloughan will keep and probably look to add picks.  He did in his past and he is very clear that it is his way to go.  For those worried if he actually is in charge, will get their chance to see on draft day if Washington moves up to go for Winston or Marriota.  I am not saying GM Scot wouldn't take either but I can't see him giving up picks to move up.

Eric Mangini candidate for Washington Redskins defensiver coordinator - ESPN

Eric Mangini kept a decidedly low profile as a member of Jim Harbaugh’s staff with the San Francisco 49ers the past two seasons. But that does not mean the man previously known as "Man-genius," both in positive and derisive veins, became a forgotten man.

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