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Redskins Week 2: Power Rankings Around the Web

It's time to see how far the Redskins have fallen across the web since their opening game lost to the Houston Texans.

Bob Levey

Well it's time for the internet to overreact to a week one loss and declare the Redskins season over. However, when we were 3-6 in 2012 just about everyone declared our season over, so stick with me here people. There will be a post up later in the week rounding up the Hogs Haven writers opinion on where the Redskins should fall in the power rankings, so stay tuned for that! But for now, here's where the Redskins fall across the web after a week one loss:

25. Newsday

RGIII does little to address the concerns about his reckless style in a lackluster effort with Jay Gruden’s offense.

25. NumberFire

27. (Harrison)

Everybody knows Robert Griffin III has not looked effective. His mechanics are being questioned, which is something I started to do last year before being swamped with explanations from people that his struggles were related to his injury. Now, though, there's no Mike Shanahan or balky knee to point to, with Jay Gruden taking the reins in Washington and RGIII's surgery having taken place 20 months ago.

This team must lean on running back Alfred Morris -- and I think he's up to the challenge. Give him 1,400 yards.

28. ESPN

Robert Griffin III was ineffective Sunday, attempting a career-high 14 passes at or behind the line of scrimmage. Griffin's average completion traveled 3.7 yards downfield (0.8 in first half).

28. Washington Post

The offense went nowhere in the opener and Robert Griffin III continued to resemble the 2013 version rather than the 2012 star-in-the-making. The misadventures on special teams continued even with Keith Burns gone. Jordan Reed and Barry Cofield were injured. Other than that, things went really well.


Does Washington deserve to be laying close to a touchdown to anyone? The Redskins have lost nine straight regular season games and are 0-9 ATS L9 at home against .250 or worse opponents.

28. CBS Sports (Prisco)

Robert Griffin III needs to start driving the ball down the field, or it could be Kirk Cousins time.

29. SBNation

Washington put up some yardage offensively against J.J. Watt and the Texans' defense in Week 1, but couldn't turn those yards into points, finishing with a lone touchdown. That said, Pierre Garcon and DeSean Jackson can help Robert Griffin III right the ship in Week 2, and a strong run game buoyed by Alfred Morris and Roy Helu should support that as well.


known as Captain Checkdown. Perhaps Robert Griffin should be called Commander Checkdown. I'm beginning to think that last year wasn't the fluke; perhaps Griffin's rookie campaign was the mirage.

I get the feeling that we might be missing the boat on a great fading opportunity. Think about it: Griffin is so overhyped by the media. Overhyped teams/players often fail to cover, and Griffin is a horribad 3-12 against the spread dating back to his playoff loss against the Seahawks.

31. Fox Sports

Jay Gruden likely has concerns about his offensive line after using a scaled back passing attack that featured mostly quick hitting plays. The offense may not have the personnel to fit the scheme and the defense lacks the personnel to stop the run or deep pass regardless of the scheme.

31. Oddshark

Average Ranking 28.2