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Redskins fall to Texans in season opener 17-6

Everything you need to know about the Redskins' season opening loss to the Houston Texans.

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1st Quarter

2nd Quarter

3rd Quarter

4th Quarter


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Houston Texans






Through the first half the Redskins defense has played phenomenal. Other than a blown coverage by a player who shouldn't be playing in the first place the defense has done a solid job. Keenan Robinson has played very well, and I've been impressed with Clark and Amerson as well. Barry Cofield is questionable for return with an ankle injury.

Bashaud Breeland has seen time early in the ballgame, it appears that he will push for the third cornerback role earlier than expected.

As for the special teams, it had its moments good and bad. The good: Andre Roberts has done a great job returning punts. Roberts had one very good return setting up the offense with solid field position; and would have had another had Darrel Young not bumped him out of bounds. Roberts shows good vision when returning punts, he is patient when waiting for a hole to develop but once it does he attacks it.

The punt was in no way Tress Way's fault, that was bad blocking by the line in front of him, and I've been impressed with how he's punted the ball thusfar.

However, letting an extra point get block is flat out unacceptable, as is a blocked punt backed up that far in your own territory. I talked a lot this off-season about the role special teams plays and how much of an impact it has on momentum. The Redskins struck first, our offense was in rhythm for the first time all game, when two special teams plays swung momentum completely in the Texans' favor.

I haven't been thrilled with the Redskins play calling in the first half. The only drive where the Redskins established a rhythm was the one that the offense pounded the ball on the ground early and often. Griffin has played alright, connecting on 15/17 passing in the first half, for 74 yards.

The play where RG III hit Andre Roberts along the sidelines on a third down that was ruled out of bounds was a turning point in the game. That was a long third down conversion that should have been completed earlier by Griffin. Had Griffin thrown the ball earlier it wouldn't have been near the sideline in the first place.

One play call that I absolutely hated was the DeSean Jackson reverse. I understand the thought behind getting a big play and getting momentum back on your side, but as a result of trying to get too fancy the Redskins lost 9 yards. That put the offense in a second and 19 situation, that has the same effect as a penalty, it limits what the offense can do and isn't a position you want to be in.

The Redskins will get the ball back to begin the second half, it is important not to panic. Your only down by 8, the Redskins need to run the ball and conduct a time consuming drive. Protecting the ball will be key to whoever wins this ballgame.

Turnovers kill teams. The Redskins came out and executed a perfect opening drive of the second half. They ran the ball well and marched down the field, only to turn the ball over in the Red Zone, an area that killed them in 2013. It's bad enough when you come away from the Red Zone with 3 points, but when you come up empty handed it kills the momentum of your team.

The DeAngelo Hall person foul is unacceptable. He was saved by an offsetting penalty, but had it stood it would have negated a stop that would have forced a third down, as a veteran and the leader of this defense that is something you can't allow to happen.

The pattern of the Redskins shooting themselves in the foot continues as Niles Paul coughs up the ball inside the ten yard line. A beautiful throw from RG III, Paul had a nice run after the catch but let the ball up too easily, it's not as if the ball was punched out it appeared as if he just dropped it. These are the type of plays that will lose you a football game, the Redskins have now committed three of them. They are lucky to still be in the game, but the defense needs to come up with a turnover against a quarterback that is below average.

Keenan Robinson, have I mentioned I love the way he plays? He flew around the field all day, and when the ball hits the turf inside the red zone who's there to jump on it? Yes you guessed it, Keenan Robinson (Kerrigan forced the fumble). This could provide a huge turning point in the game, but the offense has to convert.

The Redskins had no business even being in this game, the fact that it was as close as it was for as long as it was is shocking. You simply can't give up that many big plays and turn the ball over in the red zone that many times and expect to win. The defense played very well, and essentially only gave up one touchdown that was on a player that wouldn't normally be playing. You can also leave this game encouraged by Robert Griffin's play. However, no matter how well Griffin and Morris played if you don't convert stats into points, it doesn't make a damn difference.

My biggest question is why the Redskins didn't run more, and why J.J. Watt wasn't double covered throughout the game, far too often Watt was matched up one-on-one against Tyler Polumbus and even Logan Paulson. If I'm J.J. Watt my mouth is watering all day with that matchup. Not sure the thinking behind that.

RG III played a solid game, he can't do everything, and he can't help it if his receivers put the ball on the ground. He was tripped up on the fumble, but that was more from Lichtensteiger being driven backwards into the third year signal caller. Robert protected himself and worked from primarily the pocket today, and was effective doing so.

We will have more on the Redskins injuries including Chris Baker and Jason Hatcher (who returned) as soon as that is available.

At the end of the day, although there were some positives to take away from today's game, the Redskins didn't deserve to win.