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The Importance of the Redskins first two games

Taking a look at the importance of the Washington Redskins starting fast in 2014, and how a strong start will set the tone for the rest of the season.

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

The Washington Redskins first two games of the season present "winnable" matchups; the Redskins will travel to Houston to open the season before welcoming the Jacksonville Jaguars in their home opener in week two. It is imperative that the Redskins hit the ground running in 2014. The first two games of the year will set the tone for the year, if the Redskins can start the season 2-0 they will quickly be back in the playoff contender discussion. However, if the Skins stumble out of the gate, the "rebuilding" label will be slapped on them just as quickly.

The Redskins have a history of letting winnable matchups slip through their fingers (see Minnesota last year); which makes starting the Jay Gruden era with a win that much more important for Washington. To quote our franchise quarterback Robert Griffin III "When the team wins, everyone is happy". Well said Robert, well said.

If the Redskins have any hope of returning to the playoffs, starting 2-0 will go a long way towards achieving that goal. The Redskins have tough tests after the first two weeks including: Seattle, Arizona, San Francisco, and Indianapolis. Not to mention six divisional games that you can never predict the outcome of.

Right now, everyone has bought into the Jay Gruden regime. The defense looks improved and faster, the special teams has improved (it couldn't have gotten worse), the offense boasts the most weapons it's had it some time, and RG III is healthy. Plenty of reason to be optimistic, however, losing to a team that currently is part of a 14 game losing streak will quickly end that optimism.

The Redskins have a tough schedule, there's no doubt about that. However, the first two weeks present the Redskins with an opportunity to work out the kinks with a new head coach, RG III to regain his confidence and the team to start the Jay Gruden era on a high note. Look for the Redskins to take care of business the first two weeks, or brace yourself for the rebuilding, quarterback controversy type discussions. A 1-1 start wouldn't necessarily sink the Redskins playoff hopes, but an 0-2 start would just about end the teams playoff hopes in two short weeks.