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Five Things You Need To Know About…Jay Gruden

Jay Gruden wants a ring he might actually wear.

Jay Gruden with the Tampa By Storm
Jay Gruden with the Tampa By Storm

Position: Head Coach

Height: 6'2", Weight: 205 lbs

College: Louisville

Head Coach Jay Gruden has a lot on his plate. He's a first year head coach in the National Football League. His team was disappointing last season, to say the least. He is brother to a well respected head coach and, fair or not, there will be comparisons. Gruden will be under the microscope all season long. So here are five things you need to know about the new head coach, Jay Gruden.

#1. In his sophomore season at Louisville, Jay tore his ACL, MCL, and knee cartilage against Florida State in 1986. "I thought they tore [the leg] all the way off," said his legendary head coach, Howard Schnellenberger.  Jay returned the next year for the season opener (without redshirting) and threw four TD passes in a 42-40 win over Tulane.

#2. Gruden played with the Miami Dolphins. For a few days. He was overtaken by another QB...Dan Marino.

#3. This is not the first time Jay Gruden and Jim Haslett have worked together. In 2008 Haslett was the coach of the Florida Tuskers, a team in the United Football League. He hired Jay as his offensive coordinator. Haslett left after one year to join Mike Shanahan in Washington. Gruden was promoted to Head Coach.

#4. Gruden appeared in six Arena Football League championships; four as a player and two as a coach and all for the Tampa Bay Storm. He was even called the Michael Jordan of arena football. No, really. He was.

#5. Jay won a Super Bowl ring during his time coaching with his brother Jon in Tampa Bay. He has never worn that ring. He feels he hasn't earned the right as he was an offensive assistant that year.

Jay Gruden is going to have one hell of a year, no matter how it plays out. But he has the right attitude. He told the Washington Post, "What can I bring here? And what has worked in the past? You have to combine those two things. You can't change everything your first year. You've got to gradually build your team, one brick at a time."

Check out Jay's highlights with the Tampa Bay Storm.