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Who Will Be The Most Consistent Redskins Player in 2014?

Consistency is key for any team, who will bring it this year?

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SBNation is working with GMC and Hall of Fame running back Marshall Faulk to ask a series of questions throughout the season.  Faulk asked the first question on twitter on Thursday:

This question would have been a tough one to answer last year since there wasn't much consistency anywhere on the field.  Last season Pierre Garcon would probably be the first person that I named if the question was asked.  He was the only reliable target for most of the season for Robert Griffin III and Kirk Cousins.  But it's a whole new season, the team is now 0-0 with a new coaching staff, and some new players.

We won't include special teams here, although Kai Forbath did just beat out a draft pick to keep his job and has an 87.5% FG rate.  We'll start on the defensive side of the ball, and look at one of the most consistent players over the last three seasons.  OLB Ryan Kerrigan has played at least 95% of the defensive snaps each season he has played for the Redskins, has started every game, and averages over 8 sacks a season.  He played through a knee injury late last season that required surgery, but has looked great in preseason.

On offense I'll throw out a few options for players that could be the most consistent Redskins in 2014.  Alfred Morris just continues to get yards, and doesn't miss games.  Pierre Garcon was the go to guy last season, and will continue to be a lead WR on this team and in the league.  Trent Williams continues to dominate, but has lapses in some games.  If he eliminates those he can step into the best LT in the NFL conversation this year.  Robert Griffin III had one great year, and one year coming back from injury where he struggled.  Will he be able to quickly adapt to a new offense this year, and be the foundation of a Redskins offense with a lot of weapons?

I'm going with Ryan Kerrigan, who is your pick for the Most Consistent Redskins Player in 2014?

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