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Washington Redskins 2015 College Profiles: Dakota “Dak” Prescott, QB

Hogs Haven takes a look at current college players

Stacy Revere

Dakota "Dak" Prescott


Height: 6' 2", Weight: 230 lbs

Mississippi State

Strengths: Prescott is another dual threat quarterback. In his short time as a Bulldog, he has thrown for 2,418 yards and run for 970 more, including week one of the 2014 season. The most impressive thing about Prescott is not the numbers he puts up. It's not his ability to rally his troops. It's not even his physical size (6' 2" 230 lbs). It's his toughness. After throwing three interceptions against South Carolina, Dak was told to see Coach Dan Mullen. He was expecting to watch film with the offensive coordinator. What he got was a phone call from his father. With Coach Mullen and Offensive coordinator Les Koenning in the room, Dak was told that his mother had lost her year-long battle with colon cancer. "No one needs to hear something like that alone, without family to lean on", said Mullen. That Wednesday, Peggy Prescott was buried. That Saturday, Dak threw for 149 yards and two touchdowns while running for an additional 154 yards in a 51-41 loss to Texas A&M. This kid is tough.

Weaknesses: Prescott's biggest weakness is the same one that all dual threat QB's face. He gets banged up. He suffered a nerve injury to his non-throwing shoulder last year. He's a tough guy, but even tough guys get hurt. He also has another weakness that seems to affect most dual threat QB's; his accuracy needs to improve. Last year he threw almost as many interceptions as touchdowns.

Bottom Line: Dak has the potential to be great. He hasn't reached that level yet. But if he can stay healthy, he is an early Heisman candidate.

Here's an interview Dak did with Jeremy Fowler