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Redskins @ Texans Week 1 Player Spotlight: J.J. Watt

Taking a look at J.J. Watt's match-up against the Washington Redskins offensive line (yikes).

Scott Halleran

J.J. Watt

Position: Defensive Lineman

Age: 25

J.J. Watt earned a 100 million dollar contract shortly before the Texans season opener against the Washington Redskins. Watt, who is one of the most dominant defensive players in the entire league, and in my opinion the best inside rusher in all of the league, will be eager to prove he was worth every penny of that deal when RG III and the Redskins trot onto the field this Sunday (gulp).

Watt is the type of player you build your franchise around, he is a high energy player who plays with an intensity at all times that is to be admired on the field, while remaining a role model and just a generally good guy off the field.

The question for the Redskins won't be how can they stop Watt (I don't think it's possible) but rather how do they slow down or contain Watt. Even a team with an above average line will have a tough time containing Watt, and considering the Redskins' interior of their line is the weakest part of an overall weak line to begin with, they are going to have to be creative to attempt to slow down Watt.

Expect to see Watt double teamed all day long. In addition to being double teamed, the best way to slow down a pass rusher is to run the ball well, and luckily for the Redskins the running game is the strength of their offense. However, when the Redskins do chosoe to pass the ball, expect quick routes and reads early to attempt to get Griffin in a rhythm early. This will be essential, the absolute worst thing that could happen to the Redskins is if Griffin has a shaky start, getting sacked or running for his life early. Getting Griffin and the offense in a rhythm early will set the tone for the game, it will be pivotal for the Redskins to start fast. Also look for Coach Gruden to try to get Griffin out of the pocket on some designed boot legs and roll out passes to attempt to stay away from Watt.

At the end of the day, the Redskins have to limit Watt's impact on the game. He will make big plays, but they can't give up the big play (strip sack) or let Watt get consistent pressure throughout the game. If the Redskins can even limit Watt to an average day, consider it a victory for the visiting team.