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Robert Griffin III Interview with the Seth Davis Show on Campus Insiders

A new RGIII interview will debut today.

Robert Griffin III appears this week on the Seth Davis Show, which airs exclusively on The show, in it's second season, airs today and is available all season on Campus Insiders' On-Demand channel.  Seth Davis is a writer and analyst for Sports Illustrated and CBS Sports.  You can watch a bonus cut from the show here, and the full show will be available at  Season 2 of the show kicked off last week with University of Texas Head Coach Charlie Strong.

And here is the full interview now posted on the site:

A preview of some of the questions asked:

Expectations for 2014 season.

"Had a chance to go through everything with my team this offseason from conditioning drills, to working out, to practice, and I think we're a far better team today at this point. I personally feel better and I know the team feels better."

Did he return from injury too soon?

"My responsibility is to get as ready as I possibly can to play a football game and be there for my team and I was there for my team the entire season until coach decided to shut me down. That's my job - my job is if I get an injury to come back and play."

Does he blame Mike Shanahan for injury?

"I've seen quarterbacks play with injuries and what you do with those quarterbacks is let them sit in the pocket and throw the ball or hand the ball off. So that was more of my issue as opposed to being taken out of the game. [Seth: So you don't blame Shanahan?] No I do not."

Should the Redskins change their name?

"It's not our focus as a football team because we have a job to do - to win football games. I stand by the Native Americans and what they want. That's what we want...I can't really focus on that. I know I'm a football player and here to play quarterback for the Washington Redskins until someone tells me that we have a different name."