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Hogs Haven Writers Fantasy Draft Poll Question

Just a simple question today: Who took Tony Romo?

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Ahead of the full write-up from our distinguished colleague James Dorsett, I thought I would pose two questions for our community. The first one is the poll question that you have already seen by now: Which Hogs Haven author drafted Tony Romo in the Writers' Draft? I think this is the kind of information the public needs to know.

The second question is for the comments section: Where do you stand on drafting Dallas players in fantasy football? Is it ever okay to draft a Dallas Cowboy? Do you employ the same policy when it comes to other NFC East teams?

At the risk of potentially hurting my team, my rule is to never draft any Dallas Cowboys. I don't believe there has ever been a situation where a Dallas Cowboy has been the best "value" available at a certain point of the draft. I would Norman Dale it before I ever had a guy wearing the star on my roster. My rule used to extend to the Giants and Eagles, but it became increasingly difficult. I usually always find myself in leagues where it is exceedingly easy to draft a LeSean McCoy or Nick Foles and trade them for players I would love to have.

One year, Roy Williams was traded from the Detroit Lions to the Dallas Cowboys. This presented a tough spot for me, as I had drafted a Detroit Lion, not a Dallas Cowboy. After multiple law firms informed me that I had no grounds to sue Roy Williams or the NFL over this atrocity, I found a willing trade partner and exterminated the infestation.

I believe there is a way to execute a profitable, winning strategy in fantasy football without sacrificing those core beliefs that almost all of us share. One guy, in particular, does not share these core beliefs. One guy, in particular, decided that he would curse his whole season by putting the signal caller from Dallas on his roster. Guess who in the poll below!

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