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Embarrassing Loss, Embarrassing Fans

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

I'm sorry I haven't been posting here in a while. This is a busy time of year for me, and it has been more hectic than usual these past two months. That being said, I feel embarrassed as a representative of this great site, to have read some of the comments that our so-called fans have written about our team in the face of an ugly loss to the Giants last night.

I have always looked at my fellow brothers as some of the most loyal, intelligent fans in the country. How many other fan bases would have stood behind a team that has been down-right rotten for nearly two decades, and displayed as much hope and passion as we see each and every year? How many fans of teams know sixth and seventh round draft prospects, and actually scout these guys every offseason, like the fans on this site? How many fan bases have had to endure what seems like endless amounts of adversity that we face each year: The death of the great Sean Taylor. The endless amount of failed high draft picks. Dealing with an incompetent owner/GM. The great name debate. The coaching carousel that has plagued us. The quarterback incompetence that has hung over our heads like a black cloud. The poor free agent moves that made us a national punch-line. The trades where we gave up high draft picks for has-beens. And most recently, the injury to the face of our franchise; not once, but twice.......

One could certainly say we are snake-bitten, yet through all of this, our fans have remained loyal and true.

Well, last nights game was a complete embarrassment; unlike maybe any we have ever seen. Usually our fan base will find a silver lining through the proverbial black cloud, but not last night. We have become a divided fan base. A line of demarcation has been drawn in the shoddy turf we call FedEx Field - a proverbial Mason-Dixon Line if you will.

We had the Griffin haters(or those who just hated the trade to get him) vs. the Cousins supporters. The Snyder apologists vs. the "Dan must go" crowd. The "build through the draft" voices vs. the "buy a team" base. Now, we just have a Divided Fan Base!

Last night shows how many fair-weather fans this team actually has. The words that were written about this team, our players, coaches and even other fans sickens me. The negativity was ramped, and the feelings of hopelessness were abound.

Two weeks ago, fans were ready to anoint Kirk Cousins the next coming of Tom Brady, and cast off Robert Griffin to the Island of Misfit Toys. Now Cousins is a bum who should be holding a clip-board. Our supporters viewed Gruden as the next coming of Belicheat, and this morning, he's in over his head. Yesterday, we were turning the corner, and today we have fallen into the abyss.

It's really sad how low we have fallen as a fan base. The finger pointing, Debbie-Downers, "I told you so" crowd needs to check in their fan card. YOU, not this team, have become an embarrassment to Redskins Nation, and I am embarrassed for you.

This is is the time when the team needs your support, not your criticism.

I hope we can show a little more class towards the team which now needs our support more than ever.