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Redskins Crushed by Giants, Final Score 45-14

The Redskins are stepped on by Giants on Thursday Night Football. Yikes.

Rob Carr

1st Quarter

2nd Quarter

3rd Quarter

4th Quarter


New York Giants






Washington Redskins






Scoring Plays:

1st Quarter:

Eli Manning hits Larry Donnell on a Jump pass from inside the 10-yard line. NYG 7, WSH 0 7:35 in the 1st

2nd Quarter:

Eli Manning hits Larry Donnell on the exact same jump pass play inside the 10-yard line. Again. NYG 14, WSH 0 14:14 in the 2nd

Kirk Cousins hits Andre Roberts just past the 20-yard line on a route down the middle of the field. NYG 14, WSH 7 8:50 in the 2nd

Eli Manning throws a sideline jump pass for Larry Donnell on his third touchdown catch of the night. NYG 21, WSH 7 2:16 left in the 2nd

Josh Brown kicks a 28-yard field goal to end the half. NYG 24, WSH 7

3rd Quarter:

Alfred Morris finishes off a quick drive with a 20-yard touchdown run NYG 24, WSH 14 12:57 in the 3rd

Eli Manning throws a pass on the 2-yard line to Fells for the touchdown. NYG 31, WSH 14 4:19 remaining in the 3rd

4th Quarter:

Eli Manning Rushes the ball into the endzone from the 2-yard line NYG 38, WSH 14 14:07 in the 4th quarter

Andre Williams rushes the ball into the endzone on 2nd and goal. NYG 45, WSH 14 6:05 left in the 4th

Game Notes:

1st Quarter:

Early Penalties. Love to see that. But, Kirk Cousins doesn't care how good your punt is. And Kirk can apparently run the Read-Option. And then get strip sacked. Did David Amerson just complete a tackle? I could get used to that. Phil Simms sounds really awkward when he tries to catch himself from saying Redskins. That was a nice touchdown by Eli. Looks like the exact same seam route theEagles attacked Perry Riley and Brandon Merriweather on.

Special teams keeps putting the offense in bad positions. Take the touchback when there is nothing there. And a Redskins 3 and out, followed by a Giants 3 and out. And a holding penalty, followed with another 3 and out. The Redskins offensive line is getting beat up so far. And now the Giants are driving again. 1st and goal at the end of the quarter.

2nd Quarter:

Wow, the exact same play for a second touchdown. People are just picking on Merriweather and the linebackers over the middle now. This is brutal. From the mic'd up of Brian Orakpo: "What are we doing out here, man?" I have no clue Brian.

Alfred Morris is really, really good. Kirk cousins starts to drive down the field on this drive. Redskins are hurting themselves on holding calls tonight. Kirk Cousins hits Andre Roberts on a really nice play. Cuts the lead down to 7.

Special teams is still looking bad. Giving up big yards on kick off returns. Some of these spots the Giants are getting are a bit questionable in my biased opinion. Eli is also making some ridiculous throws tonight. Larry Donnell catches his third touchdown on a fade route on 1st and goal. This is starting to get really, really stupid. Jarvis Jenkins going out of the game was the last thing the d-line depth needed. And Kirk Cousins got Niles Paul a concussion by throwing that ball into triple coverage like that. That is a real Rex Grossman move. Logan Paulsen gets stripped and loses the football. 2 turnovers on fumbles so far. Brashaud Breeland got called on a tough pass interference call. The Redskins manage to get pressure on the Giants as Kerrigan records a sack. Defense fails to keep them out of field goal range. It has been a tough half for the Redskins defense.

3rd Quarter:

Kick off doesn't really get off the ground and they still have a poor return. The Redskins offense has a great drive and Alfred Morris finishes off the drive with a 20-yard touchdown run. There was a really great block by LeRebius on the running play. Good kick off by the special teams after the score. Redskins defense does well and stops the Giants at mid-field.

Kirk Cousins gets picked off after Kirk stares down Ryan Grant. Foils a really good drive after a bad read by Kirk Cousins. Keenan Robinson intercepts a pass that was knocked out of Ruben Randle's hands by Brandon Merriweather inside the endzone. Really great play by Merriweather and great reflexes by Robinson. Unfortunately, Kirk Cousins throws another pass into double coverage and gets intercepted. The turnovers are adding up in this one. Eli scores on another Redskins turnover. I think I may have gone back in time to 2010, when Eli is still the man.

Kirk Cousins throws his 3rd interception. I have no idea what is going on anymore. Trent Williamslimping off the field is a major concern.

4th Quarter:

Eli just had a rushing touchdown. I have no words.

The Redskins offense has nothing left. I expect a lot of running plays the rest of this game. Kirk Cousins has been intercepted a 4th time this game. 11:30 still left in the game.


FedEx field is really quiet and empty on National Television. Tough to watch. Final Score NYG 45, WSH 14.

Final Game Observations:

Turnovers: 6. No other words are needed.

Defense: The Defense keeps getting beat over the middle in the passing game. The Linebackers and safeties have to account for the middle.

Injuries: The Redskins defensive line can't stay healthy. Bowen, Coefield, and Jenkins all hurt by week 4. Hatcher having hamstring issues is a major problem.