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Redskins Odds and Prop Bets

A look at how Vegas is predicting the Redskins week 4 game versus the Giants

Rob Carr

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NY Giants

+3.5 -115
-3.5 +105
o -102
u -108
+3.5 -117
-3.5 -103
o -110
u -110
+3.5 -117
-3.5 -103
o -110
u -110
+4 -115
-4 -105
o -110
u -110

The Redskins are 6 point favorites heading into tonight's game and it is easy to see why Vegas has such a larger spread in this game. The Redskins have put up over 70 points over the last two games, and they are at home on a short week. The three home teams so far in the Thursday night games have all won by 20 or more points. Despite that reasoning I wouldn't have bet it at -6 points (though it looks like the line is down to -3.5).

The Redskins should be the favorite in this game, but if they do win, I wouldn't expect a wide margin like some of these other games on Thursday night. The Redskins are dealing with a large number of injuries and their depth is going to be tested. Also, the Giants have looked better each week so far this season, and that is a trend that could continue. At 3.5 I like the spread better, but I'd still be worried, as a FG win by the Redskins would mean a half point loss for your wallet.

I'm also wary of the over/under this week as well. 45 or 46 points isn't terrible, particularly when you are talking about two questionable defenses, but this is definitely the type of game that could turnout to be a low scoring affair. With the Redskins dealing with so many injuries, they could look to their ground game to carry the load. The Giants will definitely want to throw some, but given how banged up the front 7 of the Redskins is, they could try to find success on the ground as well. This easily could be a 20-17 type of victory for the Redskins which is obviously makes the under a bit more attractive of a bet.

At 3.5 and 45, I would grudgingly give the points and bet the under in this game. I don't have a super high confidence level in either bet, so I definitely wouldn't bet them heavy.

5 Fun Prop Bets (made by me): Give your responses in the answers below:

1. Will Darrel Young score a TD for the 4th week in a row?

2. Which receiver will have the most yards: Garcon, Jackson, Cruz?

3. How many sacks will the Redskins defense have?

4. Can the Redskins prevent a special teams touchdown?

5. Who will have more total yards from scrimmage (rushing and receiving): Alfred Morris or Rashard Jennings?