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Giants @ Redskins Week 4 Enemy Player Profile: Quintin Demps

Is special teams the key to defeating the Redskins?

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Quintin Demps

Position: Safety/Kick Return

Age: 29


Until today (9/24) Quintin Demps was second on the Giant's depth chart at the free safety position. He was just promoted to starter, replacing Stevie Brown. "It's an opportunity for me," Demps said. "So I just take advantage of the chance to be the best I can be for this team and go from there." However this is not necessarily where Demps can hurt the Redskins. The position where he can do some real damage is as a kick returner. Redskins fans have seen the special teams squad stumble on many occasions this year. Demps could be the key to an otherwise unlikely Giants victory.


Quintin Demps has some skills as a kick returner. He has a 27.4-yard average on 96 kickoff returns, including touchdowns of 95 and 100 yards. As luck would have it, his 95 yard return came against the Redskins in 2013 while he was with the Chiefs. This is bad news for a Redskins special teams unit who has troubled, to say the least. As a safety, Demps has been a perpetual back-up at safety since being drafted in 2008. His career stats at that position are 126 tackles, one sack, and seven interceptions throughout the 2013 season.

Potential Against the Redskins

The Redskins seem to have perpetual issues with their special teams. Even with what seemed to be a complete overhaul of the special teams unit, the same old problems appeared. Last week, the Eagles kick returner, running back Chris Polk, ran a kickoff back 102 yards for a touchdown. His next return of 34 yards positioned Nick Foles and the Eagles to score just before halftime. The Redskins' special teams unit gave up 153 yards on kickoffs and 27 yards on punts. That's just last week! Quitin Demps is no Devin Hester. But, against the Redskins, he doesn't have to be. The Skins' special teams unit has issues that won't be fixed with just a few days of practice. The Giants have looked terrible. But they may be able to stay competitive if Demps can take one to the house or put Eli in good field position.

Fun Facts: Quintin Demps lettered in basketball and track while at Theodore Roosevelt High School in San Antonio, Texas. HE is a fan of the San Antonio Spurs. He's also an avid boxing fan. His favorite current boxer is Floyd Mayweather Jr., while his all time favorite is Muhammed Ali. No surprises there.

Here is his return against the Redskins.