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Redskins fall to the Eagles 37-34

The Redskins fell to the Eagles in their first divisional test 37-34.

Rob Carr

1st Quarter

2nd Quarter

3rd Quarter

4th Quarter


Washington Redskins






Philadelphia Eagles






The Washington Redskins have played a fantastic first half, but still find themselves down 21-20 to the Philadelphia Eagles. However, The Redskins are very much in the game, which is the most important part.

Kirk Cousins and the offense have been on fire, they are taking what the defense is giving them and they have been efficient throughout the half. The most important thing for the Redskins offense is that they have yet to (knock on wood people) turn the ball over.

The Redskins have also managed to stay out of third and longs, not attempting a third down over six yards. The Redskins have also done a fantastic job of coming away with points on every one of their offensive possessions, excluding the kneel down at the end of the half.

The big play continues to kill the Washington Redskins. Whether it be special teams giving up a kickoff return for a touchdown or allowing a big screen play only to get bailed out by an idiotic block in the back thrown by the Eagles center. These are the types of plays that kill the momentum of games. The kickoff return was especially deflating; the Redskins came into a hostile environment with a backup quarterback and executed an impressive opening drive for a touchdown, only to have the game tied before the Eagles offense even reached the field.

Kirk Cousins does not lack confidence in his arm. I almost threw my laptop across the room when Cousins fired a bullet into double coverage to Pierre Garcon only to have Garcon come down with an impressive reception. Cousins will make these types of dangerous, but impressive throws. However, he needs to not flirt with the fine line between dangerous and ill-advised. Cousins has a history of making some poor decisions that result in interceptions, which is something he has to avoid if the Redskins want to win, so far so good.

The Defense has played pretty good, considering the Eagles have one of the best offenses in the league. They need to limit the big plays in the second half, and forcing another turnover is the easiest way to get the Eagles off the field, it would be huge to get another takeaway.

Bashaud Breeland made a fantastic play, stripping the ball perfectly for the games only turnover, the rookie continues to impress.

The Redskins four man rush needs to get more pressure on Nick Foles, they are allowing him to get too comfortable in the pocket so far, that has to change in the second half. The Skins defense played pretty darn good coverage on the Eagles second touchdown, but Foles made a better throw, nothing you can do about that.

It has been a frustrating half for the Redskins, they have dominated the half but find themselves down heading into the third quarter. However, the good news is that the Redskins are very much in this game heading into the second half. If the Redskins want to win this game, they need to protect the ball get more pressure on Foles, and create another turnover in the second half. Another big key for the defense in the second half will be forcing Philly to settle for field goals rather than touchdowns.

The second half has opened up with positives and negatives for Washington. The defense forced a field goal their first time on the field, however, the Redskins offense cannot afford to go three and out and hand the ball right back to Philadelphia.

Jason Hatcher has had a quite game thusfar, but you have to love his intensity and leadership. After making a beautiful play to stop McCoy Hatcher was clearly fired up and attempting to rally his teammates.

For the second straight drive the Redskins have forced the Eagles into a field goal rather than a touchdown, keeping the game within 7 points. However, the Redskins defense suffered a key injury to DeAngelo Hall who will not return to the game.

Credit Will Compton for keeping the Redskins in the game. Compton's shoestring tackle of Darren Sproles saved what would have been the second disastrous play let up by the Redskins special teams.

There you have it, you know that had to feel good for DeSean Jackson. Not only did he just complete a big play to pull his team even, but against the team that released him in their house? It doesn't get much better than that. Big momentum swing in the Redskins favor after their first two offensive possessions of the half ended with punts.

Although I've been slightly disappointed that the Redskins haven't gotten a sack at this point in the game against an Eagles offensive line that is extremely banged up, they have put a lot of big hits on Foles who hasn't looked comfortable after he appeared to tweak his shoulder.

The DeSean Jackson bomb seems to have given not only the offense, but the defense a spark. Following the touchdown the Redskins defense has forced two punts and is flying to the ball. Not to mention they have done a fantastic job of containing McCoy and Sproles all day, but on these two drives in particular.

This team is playing with a confidence and swagger I've never seen it play with. Whether it's Jason Hatcher firing up the defense or Pierre Garcon beating his chest in the cornerback's direction that just failed to stop him. It's clear that the Redskins understand the importance of this game, and that is a very, very good thing.

I'm not sure where the communication error was, but with a 3rd and 7 situation in the Red zone I'm not sure why there wasn't a time out called to get on the same page. Instead the result of the play was a delay of game, resulting in a much more difficult 3rd and 12. Unable to convert, the Redskins missed their shortest field goal attempt of the day, yet another momentum shift.

The Baker ejection is huge, the Redskins are extremely thin along the defensive line, and Baker is the only true nose tackle on the roster.

Now with all backups in the defensive line (Geathers, Kearse, Jenkins) the defensive line hasn't gotten pressure and the Eagles score to go up 34-27. The missed field goal is huge now, because the Redskins can only tie rather than take the lead with their next possession with only 7:34 remaining.

At the extreme wrong time, the Kirk Cousins that concerns people rears his ugly head. On an essential drive down 7, Cousins makes a terrible throw that is then picked off by Malcolm Jenkins. Cousins has been extremely smart with the ball all day, but that doesn't mean much when you aren't smart with the ball during the most important part of the game.

Cousins' played phenomenal throughout the game, and the Redskins will be competitive while he is at quarterback. The Redskins played one of the best teams in the league in Philadelphia tough through four quarters, and the future will be brighter in Washington. On to the Giants.