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Redskins @ Eagles Enemy Player Profile: Darren Sproles

Taking a look at Darren Sproles, a player the Redskins pursued this off-season who ended up in Philly (Sorry about that Darren) and his impact in the Redskins match-up with Philadelphia this Sunday.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Darren Sproles

Position: Running Back

Age: 31

A point of emphasis for the 2014 Redskins defense was stopping/containing the screen passing game, and they have done a pretty good job through two games. However, the Redskins #1 ranked defense will get its toughest test of the season this Sunday when they travel to Philadelphia to face the division rival Eagles and Chip Kelly's high powered offense.

The toughest back to stop in the screen game may not be LeSean McCoy but Darren Sproles. The 5'6 190 pound Kansas State product has already hauled in 11 receptions for 166 yards through two games for the Eagles. The most frustrating part about Sproles early success as an Eagle is the fact that the Redskins pursued the 8 year veteran this off-season who would have filled the third down receiving back role perfectly in Jay Gruden's offense only to lose out to the Eagles who made a trade for Sproles before the Saints released him.

Big plays have absolutely been the Achilles heel for the Redskins defense in the past, and although they have given up a few big plays in 2014, that problem should be gone (sorry Bacarri). However, the Eagles offense thrives on the big play and the Redskins defense has  the opportunity to make a statement that the first two games were a result of good defense, not playing bad offenses.

In order to make that statement it all starts with the running backs, if the Redskins defense can stuff the run game and contain the screen game the Redskins will have a chance to win this game. The Eagles receivers and Nick Foles don't worry me nearly as much as the Eagles running backs do.

Containing McCoy and Sproles will be key to a Redskins victory. With an inexperience starter at quarterback running the offense the defense is going to need to register their best performance of the year if they want to come out of Philly with a victory.