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Saturday Slop: Redskins getting Ready for the Eagles

A look at the top Washington Redskins stories as they get ready for the Philadelphia Eagles

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During that time Jackson had to occasionally raise his sprained left shoulder above his head to make a catch. He did not appear 100 percent fluid with his shoulder but he was able to catch the ball.

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Not sure why they would do that. If those hurry-up offenses stall, you are giving the opposition more opportunities. Why would you want to give the Eagles more chances with the ball? They will run the hurry-up as a change-up during a particular game, but there is zero reason to duplicate what Philadelphia wants to do. It's never been their strategy and it takes time to get used to playing that way. The key to beating them is not to play fast and at a different pace than you're used to playing, it's about doing what you do well. Or being more aggressive in certain situations: maybe you go for it on fourth-and-1 instead of kicking a field goal because you know touchdowns are what matters against a high-powered offense. The Eagles are not unbeatable and the offense can be slowed. The Redskins just have to make sure they limit yards after the catch and pressure Nick Foles into a mistake or two; the Redskins have chances up front to do so.

Redskins Mailbag Part 2 | ESPN Redskins Blog

Have you noticed how often Jackson has been sidelined since coming to Washington? He's much more valuable to the team as a receiver than as a punt returner. I could see them perhaps using him in certain situations if they need an explosive return, but I would definitely limit his touches in this area. Just makes no sense because of durability concerns. He weighs maybe 180 pounds so a team must limit the pounding he takes. If one guy is doing well, there's no reason to do anything else.

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I could probably just copy and paste Alfred Morris into this spot each week. He didn't have a monster game against Jacksonville but only because they didn't need him too. He had 22 carries for 85 yards but most of it came in the first half and early in the third quarter as Washington built its big lead. He will be a key to controlling the ball and keeping McCoy, Sproles, and company off of the field.

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