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OF COURSE Robert Griffin III Is Our Starting Quarterback...But Maybe...

Who better than Louis C.K. to help Redskins fans sort through our crisis at quarterback?

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

One of my favorite Louis C.K. bits is his "Of course...But maybe" segment, where he grants himself the license to offer contrarian opinions to commonly held beliefs by opening with a blanket acceptance of the commonly held belief. If you haven't seen this bit, do yourselves a favor and check it out here. Hopefully everyone can embrace the spirit with which this post is intended, but I am pretty sure some in the commentariat (h/t Ted Glover) will take issue with even joking about such things...

I watched that Louis C.K. set again last night, and it got me thinking.

OF COURSE Robert Griffin III is our starting quarterback. Of course he is the more athletic, more experienced player on our roster, with an NFL ceiling that is much higher than most players because of his agility and "home run" power. Of course we have more invested in him than any other quarterback on our roster. Of course we already won the NFC East behind his heady play and electric abilities. Of course RG3, as a player and symbol, is a high five wrapped in a hug tucked inside a warm blanket draped over a comfy leather recliner. Of course he is!!!!!

But MAYBE...

Maybe the next month or so of Redskins football is not just Kirk Cousins auditioning for the rest of the league. Maybe Jay Gruden wants to see if Captain Kirk can be the REDSKINS starting quarterback for years to come. Maybe the style Griffin excels at is just not the style Gruden wants to play. Maybe Gruden thinks "developing Griffin as a pocket passer" is nothing more than forcing a square peg into a round hole. Maybe Gruden thinks that there is no sustainable future with a quarterback that is born to run. Maybe the Redskins are already determining what kind of price they will place on RG3 in the offseason for potential trade partners.

(Maybe we should see how well Cousins does against two NFC East rivals before we even allow for these crazy thoughts to enter our minds?!?!?!)

Oh Louis diabolical bastard genius.