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Redskins vs Eagles: Interactive Q & A with Bleeding Green Nation

Interactive chat with Mark Saltveit of Bleeding Green Nation

John Geliebter-USA TODAY Sports

The Washington Redskins visit the Philadelphia Eagles for the first division game for each team.  Mark Saltveit from BleedingGreenNation reached out to have a friendly conversation to go alongside the traditional 5 6 Questions that we exchange with each other.  The chat will take place using the interactive ReplyAll service, which allows users to ask each other questions and post the conversation into articles like this.

The chat started with DeSean Jackson, and continued with DeSean Jackson, before we touched on some other issues.  The Eagles Jekyll  and Hyde halves, their OL, and WR issues have also been discussed.  Feel free to ask any question you would like answered, and I will attempt to get answers.  This thread will continue all week until the game on Sunday, so check back often.