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Which Redskins Need To Be the Most Disciplined Against Philadelphia?

Which Redskins player or players need to exercise the most discipline for Washington to have a chance to defeat the Philadelphia Eagles?

Rob Carr

I'm glad you asked, Marshall. Discipline is what we are all about here at Hogs Haven.

My gut instinct was to go with Jay Gruden, but Scott took that answer last week. It's bad enough we have been dressing the exact same way all need to double down here.

Beating Philadelphia is going to take loads of discipline on both sides of the ball. For Washington, keeping the Eagles' offense off of the field will be a big part of our success, but the truth is that the Eagles don't need to win in time of possession in order to do what they want to do. That means that the true discipline we will need this week will come on the defensive side.

Broadly, we can't over-commit to either side of the field. Chip Kelly has stocked his offense with more than enough speed and agility to beat defenses that lean the wrong way. Marshall Faulk didn't ask for broad answers though...he asked for names!

To me, Keenan Robinson is the key to our defensive gameplan this week. He has the speed to cover the sides of the field, and the toughness to stand up to the point of attack in the middle. We can't let LeSean McCoy and/or Darren Sproles take short passes to the house or for long gains...even though that is pretty much all they do. Keenan Robinson has to be the guy who sniffs out the screen passes and gets there first. Hell, he might have to intercept one and return it for a touchdown for us to win!

Elsewhere on defense, and on the subject of discipline, we welcome back Brandon Meriweather from yet another suspension. I suppose he is going to have to exercise some discipline in his tackling some point. We can't afford to give up any unsportsmanlike penalties to an Eagles offense that already picks up 15 yards at a time without needing anyone's help. If Meriweather can have a penalty-free impact against both the pass and the run, we have a pretty solid chance to compete in this game.

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