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Caption It Contest! Kirk Cousins Edition

Kirk Cousins will be the starting QB in Washington for a while, and there is already a T-shirt out to support KC.

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Washington loves their backup QBs, and Kirk Cousins is no exception.  Robert Griffin III left Sunday's game against the Jacksonville Jaguars after suffering a dislocated ankle while scrambling towards the sidelines(and completing a 19 yard pass to DeSean Jackson after injuring himself).  Kirk Cousins proceeded to come in and go 12-12 in his first few series and throw a touchdown on his first pass to a wide open Darrel Young.  Cousins led the team to a 41-10 blowout victory over the Jaguars.

This was all it took for some fans to declare Robert Griffin III's Redskins, and even NFL career over.  Kirk Cousins was the best QB on the team, and the one best suited for Jay Gruden's offense.  No one knows if RGIII will be able to play again this year, although the prognosis was better than expected.  And we also don't know how Cousins will play as his replacement.  What we do know is Kirk Cousins is now the man in DC, and it is time to throw our full support behind him and predict many wins this year for the Washington Redskins.

To help celebrate Cousins' new status as starter, our friends at BreakingT have provided us a few of their newest shirts to give away to 3 Hogs Haven members who come up with the best caption for this now infamous Kirk Cousins/Tom Compton animated gif from last year.  BreakingT is a DC based T-shirt company who specializes in quickly producing shirts based on the freshest topics in sports.  You can purchase your own shirt here if you are not selected for this contest:

The prize:


The Cousins Gif to Caption:


SBNation also offered an accelerated version for your viewing pleasure with a caption.


Good luck.  The 3 winners will be selected by Hogs Haven staff, and recs will influence our decision.  The contest will run through Saturday at 11:59 PM.