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Tailgate Tips From the Sam the Butcher

Throughout the season, we will be checking in with Sam, Hogs Haven's very own house butcher and smoker of artisan meats.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

There are few things in life that are dearer to me than those hours spent in the parking lot with my fellow fans on game days. It is our cathedral. It is our sanctuary. For many of us, each home game is like a mini-family reunion. What kind of family reunion would it be without homemade eats?

This season, we are partnering with a Redskins fan and second-generation butcher, Sam the Butcher. You have seen him on the comments boards and now you will see what he is doing for our Hogs Haven tailgates. I have pimped his work before, but now we get to include him in the presentation.

I figure that, in order for me to lead a fulfilling and enjoyable life, I need to have a good doctor, a good handyman, a good wife and a good butcher. Allow me to introduce you to a candidate for the job of butcher!

Sam will be providing meat for the Hogs Haven tailgate this season and I invite anyone who will be making the trek to FedEx Field to join us and sample his handiwork. You can't miss us at the F31 pole, right on the jersey wall. We'll do our best not to ruin his fine craftsmanship with drunken grill-work.

Here is the first part of what we hope will be a regular video series of Sam giving us a peek at the preparation process for the meat we will be enjoying at upcoming games. Given we have a week and a half until the next home game, perhaps those who might be able to stop by the tailgate can help us determine what products we should be sampling at the tailgate! (I am pushing for the kielbasa bacon and the Thai sausage.) You can get to Sam's site here.