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DeSean Jackson Injury Update: Sore but No Structural Damage

Reports are out that DeSean Jackson is sore but there was no structural damage to his shoulder.

Rafael Suanes-USA TODAY Sports

DeSean Jackson injured his shoulder in yesterday's game when he went up to catch a pass, and was driven into the ground by one of the two defenders covering him.  This was a big loss for an offense that had just lost QB Robert Griffin III with an ankle injury.  Luckily they were playing the Jaguars...

Head Coach Jay Gruden told reporters that DeSean Jackson had injured the AC joint sprain in his shoulder, and they would wait until more tests were done today to determine how much time he would miss.  Jackson told reporters that he had the same injury when he played in Philly, but this one was a little vicious.

This morning, National Football Post(and BleacherReport) reporter Jason Cole said that Jackson did not suffer any structural damage in his shoulder, and was just experiencing soreness.  This report is far from confirmed, and has not been verified by any other sources yet so take it with a Bleacher sized grain of salt.

DeSean Jackson has a lot of motivation to play next week.  The Redskins travel to Philadelphia to play his former team, and it will be his first time playing there since he was cut in March.  Chip Kelly(CK) tried to trade Jackson after he posted the best numbers of his career, and Jackson was not happy about it.  There were also the gang rumors that conveniently popped up less than an hour before Jackson was released.  He has gone on record to everyone that asks saying he has this game circled and he's got something special in store for his homecoming.  He's also reportedly adamant about playing on Sunday, but will he be able to play, and does the team want to put him in this revenge game if he's not healthy enough.  Coach Gruden is scheduled to speak to the media at 3PM today, and Jackson's test results will definitely be brought up.

Stay tuned for more updates and Jay Gruden's comments.