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Robert Griffin III Injury Update: No Fracture or Surgery

RGIII told reporters that test results did not show a fracture to his dislocated ankle

Rob Carr

Twitter has been buzzing since Robert Griffin III went down with a dislocated on the 9th offensive play of the Jaguars game yesterday.  Speculation started with his knee(ACL X3), then the official word was an ankle injury.  We watched him being loaded onto a cart with a brace on his left leg, and get carted back to the locker room, visibly in pain.  Then the real speculation began here and other places.  Some people(myself included) thought that Griffin would be done for the year with a dislocated ankle which would surely have ligament damage or a fracture.  Some people took it even further to say RGIII could have played his last down as a Washington Redskin.  Others took the patient, wait and see approach.  Coach Gruden even mispoke on an interview with Sonny and Sam, saying that Robert's season had ended.  He quickly retracted that, and stood by the wait for more tests and doctor evaluations stance.

This morning Robert Griffin III returned to Redskins Park following and MRI and further testing, and spoke with ESPN's John Keim, and the Washington Post's Mike Jones.  Both of them are reporting that Griffin told them was no fracture in the ankle, and if surgery was required, he would have most likely had it today.  He also said that Dr. Anderson needs to look at the test results to further determine what the damage actually is, and what kind of timeline he is looking at for a recovery and return to the field.  The team is very hopeful that he will return this season, and early(unconfirmed) reports from this morning placed his timeline at 4-5 weeks.  Any timeline that is given will most likely not be the actual amount of time for Griffin to return to playing though.  Recovery time and return time are two very different things, and the team will not want to rush him back and risk re-injury.  The Redskins have their bye Week 10, and then play a home game against the Tampa Bay Buccanneers.  Depending on his full diagnosis and rehab, this could be the earliest we see RGIII back in a Redskins uniform.

Stay tuned for more updates.  Head Coach Jay Gruden is scheduled to talk to the media at 3PM and discuss the diagnosis more.