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Redskins Maul Jaguars 41-10 in Home Opener

The Redskins absolutely dominated the Jaguars in their home opener, but suffered some injuries to some key contributors along the way.

Rob Carr

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2nd Quarter

3rd Quarter

4th Quarter


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Let's not beat around the bush, no matter the outcome of the game the big story is the health of Robert Griffin III. I don't want to speculate what happened, but it appeared Griffin suffered a substantial ankle injury on a play where he rolled out of the pocket and kept his eyes downfield to find DeSean Jackson who later left the game with an injury himself.

The most unfortunate part about the injury is how Griffin started the game. Griffin opened the game with a few zone read runs that resulted in big plays, opened up the play action pass, and most importantly avoided contact. Griffin looked sharp and threw a beautiful deep ball to DeSean Jackson that was later ruled incomplete (it was a completion). We will have more word on Griffin's injury as soon as we have that information.

Kirk Cousins' came in for the injured Griffin and played very well. However, before you start calling for Cousins to start whether Griffin is healthy or not you have to consider who he is playing against. Cousins read the Jacksonville defense very well, but the defense didn't exactly make it difficult for him. On the touchdown to Darrel Young there wasn't a defender within ten yards of him. Yes, Cousins played very well, but he is still a quarterback with one career win and more interceptions than touchdowns. Let's not get carried away people.

One of the bright notes of a game filled with injuries to key players on the offensive side of the ball was Niles Paul. The wide receiver turned tight end played very well and showed his ability as a receiver that many have questioned in the past. The Nebraska product has already caught more passes in the first half than he ever has in an entire game.

Andre Roberts stepped up and played very well after Jackson left the game with a shoulder injury. Roberts was originally brought to Washington to be the number two wide out and he certainly looked like it in the first half. Oh, and Alfred Morris is still a beast, but I didn't need to tell you that.

I am also very encouraged by the play of Roy Helu, who showed great vision and balance in the first half and has stepped up on third down as a receiver in addition to running.

Onto the defense, other than two bad plays they have played extremely well. DeAngelo Hall was beat badly on a double move but was bailed out when the rookie Allen Hurns dropped what would have been a touchdown. Bacarri Rambo took a poor angle and mistimed the ball which resulted in a touchdown pass at the end of the second quarter that leaves the Jaguars with hope heading into the second half.

Other than that, the Redskins defense played fantastic throughout the first half. Jason Hatcher has made his presence felt, even when he isn't the one necessarily blowing up plays or sacking the quarterback he is disrupting the line of scrimmage and opening up lanes for others to wreak havoc.

David Amerson and Bashaud Breeland both played very well in the first half, Amerson in particular. However, Breeland is developing and making an impact sooner than I thought he would which is a fantastic sign for the defense heading forward. As for Amerson, he is playing with the "swagger" Jay Gruden raved about this off-season. Amerson did drop an interception, but E.J. Biggers and Amerson both made a play for the ball and ended up getting in each other's way.

It's also worth noting, Chris Baker has played an excellent game at nose tackle in place of the injured Barry Cofield.

I love Akeem Davis; I've been saying it since watching him at training camp. Davis is a high effort player who isn't by any means perfect, but when he does make mistakes he makes them playing at 110% effort. Davis had a beautiful hit on punt coverage (I don't care that they called a penalty that's how football is supposed to be played). Davis is a difference maker on special teams and it will be interesting to see how the roster shakes out when Brandon Meriweather returns from his suspension after this week.

Speaking of special teams difference makers, I don't think I've seen a special teams tackle made without Adam Hayward near the play.

The defense continued to be disruptive throughout the second half, setting a Jacksonville record for sacks allowed before we're even in the fourth quarter. Keenan Robinson has played another solid game, and got in on a sack in the third quarter. After letting up a big play, Trenton Robinson has come in to replace Bacarri Rambo. Robinson made a great read on an interception, and played well in place of Rambo. It will be extremely interesting to see how the safety position plays out after this week.

The biggest difference between the defense last week and this week is pressure. In week one the defense let Fitzpatrick get comfortable and didn't get enough pressure on him to force him into mistakes. Today, the Redskins defense has been swarming and disrupting the timing of the offense throughout the game.

Cousins hasn't had to make too many difficult throws against a Jacksonville secondary that hasn't played well, however, Cousins threw a dime to rookie Ryan Grant to set up a first in goal at the end of the third quarter.

As if Niles Paul hadn't done enough today, he adds to his career day with a touchdown grab on a fade route that was placed perfectly by Cousins, and Paul went up high over the defender to get the ball. With the score now 31-7 the Redskins have some flexibility to play some players that may not have necessarily been in the game plan, and try to get out of this game as healthy as possible.

Robinson did get beat in coverage, but the pressure didn't get to Henne and Robinson wasn't in a good position downfield. The biggest difference between when Robinson and Rambo get beat downfield, Robinson makes the tackle, big difference.

Silas Redd showed his physical running style he displayed in the fourth quarter after Roy Helu suffered a left knee injury.

It is obviously nice to get your first win of the season, but it will be interesting to watch how Gruden responds to some adversity after this week. The Redskins suffered some injuries to key contributors, the "quarterback controversy" talks will continue, and the Redskins will get a tough test next week in Philadelphia, where we will find out if today's success was a result of the Redskins playing well or the Jaguars playing poorly.

Biggest stats of the day: 6/6 in the red zone, 0 turnovers. That's how you win ballgames, whether it be against the Jags or the Seahawks, that's how you win in the NFL.