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Sunday Slop: Redskins vs Jaguars- Game Day

A look at the top Redskins stories around the web.

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After the Washington Redskins signed safety Ryan Clark, one longtime coach said a side benefit of getting him was his winning experience. Clark is used to playing on good teams and great defenses; not many players on the Redskins' defense have that sort of background. Actually, no one does. The coach said Clark would instill certain qualities in his teammates because of his resume.

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The D.C. media is far gentler than other major markets. I've read a few critical columns in the local media , but a lot more in the national media. So not sure how that would change going to a smaller market. He clearly wanted to come to this market -- it's big and it's a popular franchise, which was good for endorsements. (He also wanted to play for Mike Shanahan). When you put yourself out there so much publicly, you provide more ammunition for critics. Not knocking Griffin's style, but that's just the truth -- and if you don't win, it leads to even more. Wilson tweets similar stuff and is much more controlling of his image, yet he has a ring so it's accepted. There are definitely some things that have been overblown and unfair towards Griffin. But if the Redskins win and he plays well, watch the narrative flip. That is the answer, not playing in a smaller market.

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Biggest obstacle you've overcome: Probably being injured my first two years of college and not playing and falling to the wayside and having to fight an uphill battle was challenging. You just show up every day, try and get better and know all that work will pay off and believe in yourself when everyone else forgets about you. It's really hard. That was tough.

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