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Report: Kai Forbath Will Kick Tomorrow; No Zach Hocker

Kai Forbath's groin is ready for the cats.

Patrick Smith

Kai Forbath has been limited in practice since Thursday with a right groin injury.Forbath missed three games last season with a groin injury, but has said that this injury is not as bad.  Yesterday, Coach Gruden told reporters the same thing, and said he was experiencing some tightness, and was just playing it safe during practice.  Gruden also said that there was a plan B, and Forbath would be testing his leg out today to see if he could kick on Sunday. Gruden wouldn't say who would replace Forbath if he was unable to play, but the obvious choice is Redskins 7th Round pick Zach Hocker, who Forbath beat out for the job this offseason.  It was unlikely that the team would bring in another kicker on such short notice, and the team liked Hocker while he was here.

ESPN's John Keim is now reporting that Kai Forbath is healthy and will be kicking tomorrow.  Also, Zach Hocker will not be brought in as insurance in case Forbath re-injures himself, or experiences more tightness/soreness tomorrow.

Stay tuned for more information, or official word from the team.