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Ten Yard Fight - The (Final) Disney Edition

I have soaked up as much Disney magic as I possibly can...and will be bringing it to Landover on Sunday.

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

1. "Ken Meringolo, your team just lost in classic fashion to an opponent riding a 14-game losing streak, by many accounts signaling another long season for the burgundy and gold faithful. What are you going to do now?"

"I'm going to Disney World!"

2. I can't tell you how much I recommend a week in the land of Mickey and Minnie on the heels of a gut-wrenching season opening loss. In fact, it is probably the cure for what ales you after every loss.

3. I can just see it now...every Tuesday through Saturday for the rest of the season is going to be "Redskins Week" in the Magic Kingdom.

4. It was a little surreal coming back from riding Dumbo and Peter Pan rides and watching the Pittsburgh Steelers and Baltimore Ravens face off last night. By surreal, I mean awesome. I happened to be riding the Monorail today with a Steelers fan and he was clearly in pain. That could have been due to the fact that it was over 90 degrees and over 95% humidity, or it could have been due to the five kids under the age of nine that were hanging on him. Either way, he did say one thing that stuck out. He talked about the youth they have on defense and he mentioned that the team had invested two very high draft choices in the last two years on linebackers. When I think about Pittsburgh, I think about stellar linebacker play, and so it made sense that they would have expended those precious resources on linebackers. Both guys are seeing the field, and Dick LeBeau will figure out how to get them to the level they need to be at...I have no doubt. It got me thinking though...

5. What position is it that the Washington Redskins are known for? What position have we drafted exceptionally well at over the last few years that has replenished and adequately squared us away for years to come?

6. I think there are actually a couple of good answers there, but I will leave that for the comments section.

7. Here in Disney World, there were more Steelers fans than Ravens fans represented, for those of you keeping track. However, there were more Orioles fans than Steelers a pretty decent amount. I saw a few fellow Nats fans here, but I was the only one that rocked any Redskins gear--that I saw anyway. I can only assume that all the other Redskins fans were at Universal Studios.

8. I have been putting these last few points off long enough. This week's game is simply essential. Coming into the season, the scheduling gods placed two teams that were as bad as we were in 2013 at the top of our calendar. Losing to the both of them would be as damning as it gets two weeks in. I can sit here and suggest that the 2013 Houston Texans were the victims of an insane run of bad injury luck and that they have the horses--especially on defense--to keep up with the best offenses in the league. It would certainly make me feel a lot better about that loss to sit here and do just that.

9. I hate to call a Week 2 game a "must-win" game, but for the Washington Redskins, that is kind of where we are. Can we come back from 0-2? Of course we can. We came back from 3-6 to make the playoffs in 2012, though it was one of the most improbable runs in NFL history. I would love to not have to start praying for miracles this early in the season. As much as they have been pumping me full of Disney magic this week, I just don't think there is enough pixie dust to carry a team that can't beat either Houston or Jacksonville to the promised land.

10. Unless, of course, they lose this weekend (not gonna happen). Then I will just have to drag my sorry ass back to Orlando and leer at the Disney princesses again for a week to get ready for a must-win Week 3 situation!