Details of New Approved Drug-Policy Proposal


When the NFLPA adopts the NFL's new drug-policy proposal -- and that could happen as soon as Friday -- some players suspended to start the season could be immediately reinstated. That means Wes Welker, Orlando Scandrick, Dion Jordan and Reshad Jones -- based on the new terms of the agreed-upon policy -- would be available to return to action. has the details of the new policy, which includes the following terms:

1. An independent arbitrator will hear appeals for under both the substance-abuse policy and the PED policy.

2. The threshold for a positive test for marijuana will increase to 35 ng/ml. The prior limit was 15 ng/ml; the Olympic standard is 150 ng/ml.

3. All players who tested positive or who were otherwise disciplined or placed into the drug or PED program will have retroactivity, with the new rules being reapplied as of March 11, 2014.

4. A two-game suspension will be issued upon conviction for driving under the influence. (Originally, the NFL proposed a one-game suspension for a DUI arrest. This has been dropped from the final proposal.)

5. Amphetamines taken without a Therapeutic Use Exemption during the offseason will be evaluated under the substance-abuse policy.

6. Testing for hGH will occur in the 2014 season. (There will be no population study, and blood samples won't be collected on game days.)

7. Independent investigators will be retained to review cases of breached confidentiality.

The deal was unanimously approved by the 32 NFL team's player reps.