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Redskins vs Texans: They Got Fined How Much?

Looking all the way back to last Sunday to see who got fined for what

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Two Redskins players were fined for penalties they received in last Sunday's game against the Houston Texans.  Rookie CB Bashaud Breeland was fined $16,537 for a horse-collar tackle on Texans WR Andre Johnson that saved a lot of yardage.  Redskins DE Jarvis Jenkins was fined the same amount for a roughing the passer penalty for a hit on Texans QB Ryan Fitzpatrick.  Jenkins and Breeland both plan on appealing the fines, and it will likely be heard by next Tuesday

DeAngelo Hall was not fined for an unnecessary roughness penalty he got for shoving WR DeAndre Hopkins on the ground.  That penalty was not enforced because there was an offsetting offensive pass interference call on Houston.  D.J. Swearinger also wasn't fined for a questionable roughing the passer penalty he received for a hit on Robert Griffin III.  Brian Orakpo questioned both of the roughing the passer penalties, and he thinks that these type of penalties should be reviewable.


His game check: $24,705

His game check: $54,540

Not Fined: