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Jaguars @ Redskins Week 2 Player Spotlight: Luke Joeckel

Will this promising young tackle neutralize the Redskins pass rushers?

Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

Name: Luke Joeckel

Position: Left Tackle

Age: 22


Luke Joeckel, the 2nd overall selection in the 2013 NFL draft, played his college football career at Texas A&M. He was the blindside blocker for quarterback Johnny Manziel during his breakout Heisman winning campaign. Joeckel was considered one of the safest prospects in the 2013 NFL draft. Many speculated that he would go number one overall, including the fine writers of SBN...and Ken Meringolo.


I’m not the greatest at assessing offensive lineman, but this scouting report helps explain a lot of Luke’s strengths and skills. In College, Joeckel looked smooth in pass protection with quick feet. He has shown issues trying to protect against speed rushers since he gets caught pass blocking flat-footed on occasion. While his first NFL season ended in a leg injury, he has looked good in camp and showed no signs of his reconstructed leg having issues.

Potential Against Redskins:

Joeckel could cause problems for the Redskins pass rushers on Sunday. He will likely be matched up with Kerrigan most of the game. Kerrigan is the kind of pass rusher that Joeckel has thrived against in the past. I assume the Redskins will show the Jaguars weak offensive line multiple fronts and try to rush many guys on the left side. Orakpo profiles as the kind of speed rusher that would likely cause Joeckel problems. After Orakpo disappeared from the pass rush against the Texans, the Redskins may just want to have Orakpo tee-off Cameron Bradfield. Seriously, I have no clue who Bradfield is. Have fun with that guy. The pass rush will have a lot of options attacking the Jaguars offensive line, but Joeckel is not the guy you want to try and pick on.

Interesting facts:

Joeckel was a discus thrower in high school. Sounds like a good activity for a tackle to do. Maybe we should make Tyler Polumbus try that.