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Jaguars @ Redskins Week 2 Enemy: Toby Gerhart

Toby Gerhart went from being the understudy for one of the few sure fire Hall-of-Famers in the NFL to the lead back for one of the most snake-bit franchises in the NFL. Can he lead the Jaguars out of their ignominy?

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Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Name: Toby Gerhart

Position: Running Back

Age: 27


Coming into this season, Toby Gerhart had a lot of questions to answer. Gerhart has spent the majority of his career backing up the greatest running back alive, and it is still uncertain if he has the skills and tools necessary to be a number one back. Gerhart had one of the most dominant college seasons ever, scoring 26 touchdowns and reestablishing Stanford as a college football powerhouse. He showed some flashes in Minnesota, but never truly established himself as a large contributor, and was allowed to walk in free agency. Jacksonville needed a sturdy, between the tackles runner while they figure out what to do with Denard Robinson, and Gerhart should serve as a solid piece while they rebuild.


Gerhart greatest ability has always been his ability to power through smaller defenders and shake off weak tackles. He doesn't have break-away speed, but he has the vision and burst to make it through holes, even if he can't convert the big play. He has never had more than 25 receptions in a season, and shouldn't be a huge factor receiving, especially with all the intriguing rookie receiver talent.

Potential against the Redskins

The Redskins run defense is still a mystery at this point in the season, and the loss of Barry Cofield does not bode well. However, I believe that the front seven will be able to contain the Jaguars running back. Gerhart had a poor YPC against the Eagles and is struggling through an ankle injury that could really slow him down. Gerhart is solid, but he does not have that one elite skill that can break a game open and make him a devastating threat. If the Redskins are able to fulfill their roles, they should be able to limit the running back.

Fun Facts

I am sure that Gerhart has some interesting hobbies, but there is nothing that can top the factoid I learned about today. If there is one thing to take from this article it is that Toby is not short for Tobias, but for Tobinbo. In fact his full name is actually, Tobinbo Gunnar Gerhart. I hope that brings in to y'alls lives the joy it has brought to mine.

Also do yourself a favor and checkout some highlights from his senior season at Stanford.

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