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Mickey Mousing Around the NFC East

You can't escape football this time of year...even if you wanted to, and not even in Disney World.

Rafael Suanes-USA TODAY Sports

Stop me if you've heard this before...

A Redskins fan, a Giants fan, a Cowboys fan and an Eagles fan are all in line for the Space Mountain ride at Disney World. The Giants fan is wearing a Yankees hat, the Eagles fan had a tattoo of the Philly helmet logo, the Dallas fan is wearing a blue star hat and the Redskins fan has a Natstown t-shirt with a Redskins visor. The Redskins fan, knowing that as a representative from the nation's capital, he is best equipped to bring this group together, says, "Gonna be a long year in the NFC East this year...but I have to say, I like my chances for the boys in burgundy and gold."

The Giants fan chuckles. The Dallas fan smiles and looks away. The Eagles fan says, "Really? You're in fantasy land man."

The Redskins fan looks at him and says, "Fantasy Land is that way, friend. Past Frontier Land. We're in Tomorrow Land. The signs are literally everywhere. Like I said...I like my chances."

Bonus question: Of the three, which one was wearing a t-shirt that said, "I love animals, but I'd pound the shit out of a beaver."

Inside the Magic DISNEY WORLD...surrounded by kids who are at an age where they are literally trying to read everything they see so they can ask their parents what it means.

Stay classy, Dallas.