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Five Things You Need To Know About...Bacarri Rambo

This article made me really hungry.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Position: Safety

Height: 6'0", Weight: 211 lbs

College: Georgia

Bacarri Rambo went and got everybody excited in the preseason with his tackling improvements. He improved so much that was named a starter for the Redskins season opener against Houston. Regardless of how he performed in that game, here are five things you need to know about Bacarri Rambo

#1. His middle name is Jamon. If my high school education is right, that means ham in Spanish.

#2. Bacarri graduated from the University of Georgia in 2012 with a degree in Consumer Economics. His wife also attended UGA,  where she studied Nutrition and helped the women's soccer team to the State Championships three years in a row.

#3. Bacarri will play FIFA with ANYBODY on Xbox One. He openly solicits challengers on Twitter.

#4. Bacarri's birth name was NOT Bacarri Rambo. It was Bacarri Fudge. Seriously. In grade school, his parents chose to legally change his last name from his mother's maiden name of Fudge to his father's name, Rambo. It gets better.

#5. As an infant, Rambo's mom would give him cough drops to stop his crying. His family thought he looked like Mr. Magoo when he sucked on them. So he was given the nickname "Goo". Goo Fudge. Throw in his middle name and he becomes Goo Ham Fudge. I want a Goo Ham Fudge jersey. Right now.

Bacarri has taken a beating since he forgot how to tackle last season. But his improvements in the preseason impressed veterans like DeAngelo Hall. Hall told the Washington Post, "He's graded out great. He's made the plays we've asked him to make. He's come up, he's tackled. He's night and day from what he was last year."

Hopefully this guy is back!